What Wonderful Things Can You Buy With 1-Billion Dollars?

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We all dream of suddenly becoming very rich. Unless you are the winner of the Mega-Millions Jackpot or the heir of a very rich relative, that probably will not happen. But, someone will win that jackpot, and people do leave fortunes to long, lost relatives, so there is a chance. So, just in case it happens to you, we have prepared a list of wonderful things that you can buy if you find yourself with an extra billion dollars.

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A Billion-Dollar House

You could become neighbors with Mark Ambani of India. That is of course if you can find property near him and he will loan you his building plans. Mark Ambani is the 5th richest man in the world. He just finished construction on his own billion-dollar home. (That is dollars, not rupees – actual U.S. dollars.) The 27-story home features chandelier ceilings, multiple pools, several safe-rooms, a garage with room for the family car, and Ambani’s collection of 168 rare automobiles, retractable stages, 50-seat theater, and formal dining halls that would rival the finest restaurants in the world. With views of the Arabian Sea and the finest furnishings, this Billion-dollar home is breathtaking. 

You Own Private Island – Blue Island

There are a lot of private islands that cost less than this one, but this is a real deal. It has a jet airstrip, four miles of finished roads, electricity, and water. There is housing for you and your staff and communication hook-ups are in place. The asking price for this island is $75-million dollars.

Medical Miracle Machine – Particle Accelerator

A particle accelerator is a machine that uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate

charged particles to extremely high speeds and energies and to capture them

in a defined beam. It is used for the treatment of cancer. It also allows experts to diagnose many diseases earlier than other, more traditional methods. The cost of this machine is $100-million dollars. Insurance companies do not want to cover this expensive treatment option and healthcare providers cannot always pay for the use of the machine. With 1-billion dollars, you could provide 1000 of these machines to hospitals around the world.

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Ten Day Vacation For Two On An International Space Station

Okay, it is not a billion dollars. It is only 110-million-dollars, but you can add in a limo ride to the space pad, roses, and champaign. The point is you can take a friend and go on an international space shuttle for a 10-day stay. In SPACE! Axiom Space is selling tickets on a SpaceX capsule for $55-million dollars per person. This pays for your 10-day stay on the orbiting outpost that 

Is the first to involve no governmental space agencies. These plans have been in the works for several years and many wealthy people have put deposits down on the trips when they happen. They are expected to begin late this year. Currently, there are two seats available.

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The World’s Most Expensive Diamond – The Pink Star

If you can convince the current owners to sell, you could purchase the largest and most beautiful diamond in the world was mined in South Africa by De Beers in 1999. It is a rare “fancy pink” diamond and it was 132.5 carats in the rough. Due to the fairness of the stone, it was given to the famous Steinmetz Diamonds Group for cutting. It took 20 months of cautious cutting to create the perfect pear-shaped Pink Star diamond pictured. After cutting the diamond weighs 203.4 carats. It was unveiled in Monaco in 2003. It was sold in Hong Kong to Chow Tai Fook Enterprises for 71.2-Million dollars. 

A Trip Around The World Via Luxury Jet

(for you and 48 of your closest friends)

Board a private Boeing 757 for a 24-day exclusive vacation around the world. Luxury travel accommodations, hotels, meals, staff, guides, and even a medical doctor are at your disposal. Dine on the best foods and enjoy the finest wines and anything that you need, you simply request. Select nine locations from anywhere in the world. From secluded and remote islands to busy and world-famous cities. Discover worlds you have only dreamed of. Go on safari or go deep-sea diving. Let the experts tell you of lands that few people know of and create a vacation just for the group you selected. The cost of this vacation? Only $100-thousand dollars per person. 

No matter how you come into your money, there will be plenty of people who will advise you on how to spend it. We hope some of our ideas make your list. Whatever you do with your money remember this. It is not impossible to run out of money. So be smart and have fun. Maybe you will be one who lives their dreams and still has some money in the bank. 



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