Six Steps to Follow Instantly After an Injury at Work

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Accidents are bound to happen now and then at any workplace, be it a factory or office. The first thing that needs to be done is to provide first aid, which will help reduce the injury’s impact and help with the recovery process. 

It does not matter if you are working at a high-risk workplace or someplace where the risks are minimal; being prepared for eventualities is crucial. Here are steps to take if and when you sustain an injury while at work:

Inform the Higher Ups and Contact Your Lawyer

The first thing to do after you sustain a workplace injury is to inform your supervisor and seek first aid and medical treatment, depending on the severity of the injury. The next thing to do is to contact your personal injury attorney. It is advisable not to speak to anybody about your accident before discussing it with your lawyer. However, be assured that the team of legal experts will help you without asking for any upfront fee. 

Seek Medical Treatment

If you have sustained an injury at your workplace, the priority is to seek medical treatment immediately. However, if the injury does not create an emergency, you may go to the hospital or clinic your employer recommends (they would have pre approved some). Unless you get pre-authorization, it is unlikely that the costs will be covered under workers’ compensation. However, if the injury is severe, creating an emergency, you may seek medical care without your employer’s authorization.

Follow your Doctor’s Advice

While the doctor is examining you, it is crucial to inform your doctor that the injury you’ve sustained is work-related, which will help cover the medical care costs. Moreover, it would help if you described how you suffered the injury, which helps the doctor understand the extent of the damage and offer appropriate treatment. 

File First Report of Injury

Please note that the first report of the accident has to be filed within three weeks of the accident/injury, and a copy sent to your employer. If your employer or insurer hasn’t filed this report, it is advisable to follow up with either of them to ensure that it is filed within the stipulated time. You may want to get in touch with your personal injury attorney, who will help you through the steps to claim workers’ compensation at the earliest. 

Acceptance of your Claim

Once your claim is submitted, your employer or the insurer will go through the claim and investigate its merits before deciding to accept or reject it. Once the claim is accepted, your employer or the insurer pays all your medical bills, besides the transportation costs and wage-loss benefits you are entitled to receive. 

Your claim may be rejected, which is when you should contact your personal injury lawyer without wasting any more time. The expert team of attorneys will review your case and decide on the best action to take to speed up the process and ensure you get what you deserve. 

File a Claim Petition or Apply for Informal Hearing

Your personal injury lawyer will be the best person to decide whether to file a claim petition or submit an application for an informal hearing. At the same time, an informal hearing application will be reviewed by a judge, who will have the hearing scheduled within a few weeks from the application date. 

The judge will try to amicably resolve the dispute in collaboration with your employer or insurer. However, if the outcome is not acceptable to you, a formal claim petition can be filed. 

Summing it Up

Legal recourse is available to all workers who sustain work-related injuries. However, it is advisable to consult a personal injury lawyer who will guide you on the steps you need to take to get timely compensation. 


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