What should I consider when buying a dress online?

In times like these, when staying at home is a priority, we have to change many habits, including the way we shop. The advantage of such a globalized world is that we can do most things virtually and even for whom this idea was not so attractive, the fact of staying at home and receiving purchases with just one click is something that is calling the attention of more than one.

There is nothing more frustrating than longing for a product and receiving the opposite, this, in addition to making us lose money, makes us waste time. If you don’t have the right basics for shopping online, it could turn into chaos. However, if you follow these recommendations, we are sure that you will become an expert.

We don’t know how much more time we need to take care of ourselves and not leave home, so that’s why we have prepared this note for you to guide you to make smart purchases.

  1. Check the measurements of the sizes: 

Take a tape measure and measure yourself to check that your measurements correspond to the size you are going to order. Remember that these types of stores tend to have reduced garments, so it is important to be sure that the size is correct.


  1. Read the reviews: 

If the fact of measuring yourself does not generate so much confidence, another way to know if something will fit you is to see the comments section where the people who bought this same garment make a small review of how that blouse turned out on them, pants, suit, etc. that you want to buy.

Sometimes these reviews come with photos of the people who buy them so you can see how you might be seen. It is necessary to be sure of the size to buy so as not to have a surprise that the garment is large or small.

  1. Look for garment materials: 

There are garments in which the measurements appear small and it seems that not even the largest size will fit you. If you like it and you are afraid that, even buying the largest size available, it will not fit you, check the materials with which the garment is made.

There are times when the material is very elastic-like lycra, which can stretch a lot and thus intuit if you can fit a smaller size or not.

  1. See the rating of the garment: 

By seeing how many people have rated the garment with 5 stars, you can get an idea of ​​the quality in which what you want to buy comes and if the sizes are appropriate, or is it larger or smaller.

Regularly this ranking comes in the comments section on the garment, so you can check both at the same time

  1. Wait for shipments: 

As additional advice and in case you are just looking to experiment with buying clothes online, there are Once a week they launch promotions regarding shipments, which, buying on days without this promotion, can cost more. That is why we recommend having alerts to know which day can be cheaper to buy.


You cannot buy correctly, and this also applies when you make face-to-face purchases if you do not know the four basic pillars of our image: body, face, style, and color. Most women have more than 70% of their wardrobe unused and this is due, most of the time, to the fact that they buy clothes that they later do not like, that were not their style, or that they did not like.

Without a doubt, knowing what our body type is like, the correct size, neck length, leg length, torso length, face type, and texture, is essential to hit the purchases.



You must determine well the colors that favor you for a more efficient purchase of trendy sets. The model can be seen very well, due to issues of light, photography, and editing, but it is not necessarily your color. Determining the correct color will avoid surprises. Check the name of the color indicated against the color that appears in the virtual catalog.


When you are going to buy trendy dresses online, the quality of the fabric is essential, it can be an excellent piece for your morphology but if it looks worn or does not last long, you will have wasted your money.

It is much better to buy in stores whose quality of their materials you already know, so you will not be surprised. You can also check the materials in the description, which will help you a lot, but only by seeing the fabric in person will you be able to know if it is of quality and has a good finish. So, if you know the store beforehand you will know what to expect.


It is also extremely important that you know the store because in this way you will know what size you are of that brand. It’s easier to hit that way because the sizes are not standard, some will run bigger or smaller. You can also help yourself with the size chart, but it will always be more accurate if you have already used that brand before.


Do not buy desperately without a strategic plan. If you want to save money, and time and that everything looks spectacular on you, you have to buy capsules. Determine if that garment you will buy combines with at least 3 garments, if it is worth it and if it is functional. Do the same with every garment you buy.


If you have a strategic plan to buy maxi dresses online, shipping will be much cheaper because you will make a single purchase and pay for a single shipment.


Apply all the discounts that the stores offer but beware of the “incredible offers”, especially if you don’t know the store, this could bring you surprises and not be as good as it seemed. Also remember that you have to add taxes to the final sum, don’t leave right away with the first price you see.

Payment method: 

Make sure that the page where you are registering your data is a secure site.



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