What options can you take to detox your skin?

Here is a little fact, the skin is the largest organ on our bodies, stretching to about 2 square meters on an average adult; while this is enlightening, it is equally concerning. Since the skin is externally placed, unlike the rest of our organs, it is set to endure the most contact with many stressors from U.V rays to chemicals and pollutants. In the long run, these stressors tend to overwhelm our skin, making it seemingly impossible to restore the optimal balance necessary for a healthy complexion. Luckily, the skin is biologically designed to excrete these toxins over time. However, it could do with a little love and assistance now and again. According to dermatologists, incorporating a detox treatment into your skincare regimen is one of the many ways to achieve that youthful, radiant, healthy complexion.

Skin detox treatments and how they work.

Maintaining trouble-free skin is challenging; we’re bound to find ourselves exposed to toxins and pollutants daily, from the food we eat to products and even our immediate environment. While most would argue that their three-step skincare tradition does the trick, these are mere band-aids to deep-seated skin impurities, where detoxing comes in. Detox treatments are measures that cleanse and nourish the skin from the inside out, often flushing out toxins that go beyond the epidermal layer into the bloodstream. Fascinating, right? Well, buckle up because we’ve got you covered with four approaches to detox your skin.

Well-balanced diets

You are what you eat; this notion couldn’t be truer. Detoxing requires that you enrich your skin with healthy, nourishing foods, so what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. Cut back on dairy products and fried foods as they clog your pores and eventually dull your skin. Instead, strive to up your vitamin and fruit intake; these are usually packed with essential minerals and healthy fats that will keep you glowing from the inside. A nutritional detox also fosters elastin and collagen production, boosting cell turnover and metabolism for supple, renewed skin.

Invest in skincare

Develop a skincare routine and stay religious to it. Tailoring a skincare regimen that meets your skin’s needs is the best approach to skin detoxing. Unlike diet plans, skincare products¬† are problem-targeted, drastically balancing and replenishing your skin, so you don’t have to wait several months to see results. Daily cleansing, for instance, rids your skin of the day’s impurities before they build up. On the other hand, weekly exfoliation pulls out deep-seated dirt from your skin before it extrapolates into a major skin challenge. Our favorite approach to skincare detoxing is double cleansing- start with oil pulling before hopping on to your regular cleanser. The Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling detox is extremely beneficial for the skin as it improves blood circulation and nutrient supply while equally drawing out dirt from the skin’s surface without drying it out.¬†¬†


Water is the holy grail; this goes without saying. According to science, getting in those 91 ounces of water a day benefits your body by flushing toxins from the bloodstream, balancing p.H levels, and improving dental hygiene; for someone looking to detox their skin, this should be the first stop. Make a habit of constantly drinking water, gradually substituting caffeine and sugary drinks. Drinking water is an effortless and inexpensive skin detox plan; invest in a cute water bottle and spice up your hydro game with some cucumber and fruit slices for that extra vitamin pump.

Lifestyle habits

Our everyday practices can put stress on your skin without you realizing it. Some of our lifestyle habits might seem trivial, but they do impact the general well-being of the skin; deciding to cut out these behaviors or limit their frequency can prove a big help to skin detoxing. Smoking, for one, thins out the blood vessels on our skin and weakens the facial muscles every time we pucker our lips to draw smoke. With the blood vessels constricted, your nutrient supply is reduced, and your skin stands to be dull and saggy. Habits like going to bed late and drinking alcohol also stress the skin and lower collagen production. Alternatively, try working out and getting in enough sleep hours to help replenish and detox your skin.


Since the skin is the largest body organ, it endures the most; essentially, this calls for extra care and love. Skin detoxes are just one of the love gestures our bodies appreciate; they flush out toxins, unclog pores, revitalize the epidermal layer, and boost cell production, among other benefits. Ultimately, skin detoxing is a dermatologist-recommended practice that should help keep the skin supple, radiant, and healthy. Sure, there may be several alternative methods and processes acceptable by modern beauty standards to get you there; however, skincare detox treatments should do the trick if you’re all about natural, healthy, safe, and effortless. Pro tip- Try out different skin detox treatments to find out what works.


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