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What is Google Ads?

Why do you think some of the online businesses you know are doing so well? While there can be many reasons, the main one is paid online advertising. The best advertising platform is Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). Most euro bez depozytu websites advertise on Google to capture most people’s attention. 

Google Ads system is easy to understand. An advertiser will create an ad using a competitive keyword. Google will then place that ad above a matching search engine results page. If a potential customer searches for that keyword or a related phrase, Google will produce the results of their question on the relevant SERP. To learn more, keep on reading. 

How do Google Ads drive traffic?

Web-users get their answers from the first results they find on Google. If your paid ad appears in these results, you can get more traffic. Every online marketer uses the same keywords as you yearn to get to the top. That creates a contest. Google Ads is a PPC (pay per click) platform. Thus, advertisers must target specific keywords and set maximum bids on them. 

In short, a maximum bid refers to the highest amount of money you wish to pay for an ad to appear on Google. If your highest amount is lower than Google’s cost-per-click, you will not place your ad on the platform. An advertiser who wants to try the Google Ads program has three choices. 

The first one is Cost Per Click, and it is what we have explained above. The next one is Cost per Mille or CPM, and you pay for every 1000 ad impressions. The last one is Cost per engagement or CPE, and it is the amount of money you must pay if a user responds to your CTA (Call to action). Google then uses your maximum bid and uses an algorithm to determine your Quality Score. A QS is a measure of quality targeting your ads, landing page, and keywords. 

If you create excellent Google ads, you can pay less and snatch the top ad position everyone is grappling for. Getting a 10 on a scale of one to ten means you have impressed Google and will receive a higher rank without paying much. Thus, your maximum bid and QS team up to form your Ad Rank on SERPs. A marketer should be happy when users click their ads repeatedly. They stand a chance to reach their advertising goals, including reactions to their call to action. 

Are there several types of Google Ads?

An advertiser can experiment with several types of Google Ads. Examples include a shopping campaign, display campaign, video campaign, app campaign, or search campaign. The most popular type of ad is the search campaign. It appears as a text advertisement on the SERP for the targeted keyword. The second most popular is the shopping campaign ad. It is ideal when promoting a product using an eye-catchy image on a SERP. Also, this ad type can appear under Google Shopping. 


The estimated average CPC in different countries varies. However, in developed nations, CPC is about one to two dollars. Note that all ads are not equal. Some will cost more and others less. Overall, teach yourself about Google’s Ad Auction system first. After that, create top-notch ads to pay less and still get a high Ad Rank.


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