What Clothes Make a Man Attractive?

Guys want to look good as much as the next person. However, looking good doesn’t necessarily mean looking attractive to a potential date or partner.

It’s important to know what makes a man attractive in general to ensure you look your best. Confidence and attitude come into play, but so do the right clothes.

Today, we’ll go over some articles of clothing and ways to wear them that can make you irresistible to a potential mate. Some outfit ideas on Stylish Alpha align with this list, so feel free to check them out, too!

Clothes That Can Make a Man Look Sexy

So, what types of clothes and ways to dress can make you a magnet for attraction? Let’s have a look at some.

1. The Perfect Suit

A suit that accentuates strong features and hides flaws can do wonders for the sex appeal. It can make one look like a clean-cut and classic gentleman, a regular James Bond.

Both men and women love this kind of look on a man. It makes one look dashing, strong, clever, and capable, all the qualities that amp up your magnetism to someone.

Wearing a suit that doesn’t quite fit right is another story. Instead of making you look regal and sophisticated, it can make you seem like a boy trying to pass for a gentleman, and unconvincingly at that.

For a suit to fit perfectly, it has to be snug at the shoulders and have sleeves that lie just above the wrist. The correct-length trousers should come down to half the shoe at the back and drape evenly. Suits that fit to perfection tend to be more expensive, like custom options or a bespoke suit.

2. Rolled Sleeves

There’s something about exposed forearms that make a man more attractive. This is especially the case when a guy first conceals his sinewy blasters and reveals them once the atmosphere gets more relaxed.

It offers the perfect transition from serious to laid-back and shows a fresh side of you that people might not have expected.

Few things make a man sexier than looking like they just completed a manly task. Rolled sleeves on a suit provide the perfect blend of classic and serious and cool and casual, so you’ll still look approachable despite dressing to the nines.

That said, the look goes with casual or semi-casual all the same. You can even roll the sleeves on your regular long-sleeved shirt and get pretty much the same reaction.

3. Henleys

There’s no denying how sexy these shirts can make a man look. Henleys give plain white tees a run for their money in terms of bringing sex appeal to a casual outfit.

Like plain shirts, they hold a timeless style and wide versatility. You can pair them with almost any type of pants or footwear.

With every guy out there wearing t-shirts, you can sport a Henley and stand out as the more attractive of the bunch without looking like you’re trying too hard.

4. Stylish Footwear

Shoes have the power to make or break even the sexiest ensemble. Footwear and how it matches with the rest of an outfit can determine how attractive a man looks.

In most cases, it’s the smart leather shoes that really get pulses rising. They make people see you as a witty, masculine, and sexually mature man.

5. Leather Jackets

The bad-boy look really does it for a lot of women and even men. There’s something about the strength and smoothness of leather that’s incredibly appealing.

Wearing a leather jacket is like unleashing pheromones at an unsuspecting public. People can go from practically ignoring you to not being able to take their eyes off you.

A lot of the leather jacket’s power comes from the confidence that it gives. It’s an article of clothing that goes with most styles, so one rarely has to worry about it dampening their appearance.

Don’t Forget Your Stylish Accessories

In particular, watches are a must-wear if you want to look attractive. They aren’t merely trusted timekeepers; they’re fashion statements.

Wristwatches emphasize a man’s forearms and the size of their hands. They also give the impression that one is punctual and is respectful of other people’s time as much as their own.

Then, there are the ties, belts, and glasses. You can use any of these to reflect your personality and amp up your appearance.

Though, make sure not to overdo things in this department. As easy as these items level up a look, all it takes is misusing one to mess up an ensemble.

Always Wear That Confidence!

Wear what you know boosts sex appeal, but wear them with confidence. There’s so much this ten-letter word can do on how other people perceive you, regardless of your clothes.

Confidence is about feeling good about yourself, flaws and all. That’s something no piece of clothing will ever be able to replace.



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