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Welding at Home? Gear That Will Keep You Safe

Today, everything is easy. Whatever you need done, you can just hire someone to do it for you. Tired of cleaning the house? Very skilled and efficient house cleaners are just a phone call or an email away. Don’t have time to make a sumptuous meal on the weekend? A personal chef is the one that you need, and he or she is just a short message away.

However, if you are into saving money, doing things on your own is likely your cup of tea. A lot of people are learning the art of woodworking so they can take care of the minor repairs around the house on their own. Their skills also allow them to craft beautiful and useful items, such as tables and chairs.

Before long, welding also started to be an attractive skill to master. If you or someone close to you happens to be one of those who have found fun in welding, then this article is just the one that you need. We present here the safety gear that every welder should have on hand.

Eye protection

Our sense of sight is arguably the most important among the five senses that we have. Without it, we will really have a hard time navigating our environment. The sense of sight is also very necessary for welding. However, welding uses torches and flames that produce light that is so bright that it can cause permanent damage to the eyes. Hence, there is a need for you to wear eye protection. Some protective gear for the eyes is so technologically advanced that it allows certain ‘views’ while you’re wearing it. But you don’t really have to go for something that fancy to keep your eyes protected. You can pick up a pair of goggles that look like sunglasses and you are good to go.


Safety gloves are ubiquitous in almost every industry. They are found in busy kitchens to protect butchers and chefs from cutting themselves as they race against time to prepare dishes. They are found in emergency rooms to protect surgeons and nurses from contamination. Gloves are useful in welding as well. They protect the hands from the heat of the burning torch. It also keeps them from getting burned by the splattering sparks.

Like a piece of clothing, you also have to be particular about the size of your gloves if you are to get the most protection from it. Get something too loose and your movements will be affected, causing more harm than good. If you choose a pair that’s too tight, your hands might feel numb because of the disrupted blood flow. To get the right size, be sure to examine your options. Stores like the Welding Outfitter’s Welding Shop will be happy to assist you with this.


This might sound new to many, but aprons are also commonly found in welding workshops. They come in a number of forms. There are aprons that cover only the lower body. There are those that cover the torso and the upper half of the legs. There are even those that look like pants! What this item does is protect the wearer from getting burned by sparks, and the type of apron that you should use depends on the welding project that you are working on.

Doing anything ourselves is great, but we must never compromise our safety. Wearing the right welding helmet safety gear should always be mandatory.


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