Want to improve cognitive abilities – Write by hand

Technology has made life easier than ever. Technology has even dominated the educational institutions. In the past, we are using pen and paper for writing. Now we are dependent on smartphones or laptops to meet our writing needs. But, do you think these technologies are that effective? The answer might be no. Even the experts believe that writing by your hand is better than using technologies. Writing by hand is good for your mental health as it improves your cognitive ability.

What is the difference between typing and writing?

The key difference is the impact on your brain. Writing will make your mind sharp. When you write, it involves your brain’s cognitive area. As the result, your cognitive ability gets improved. Typing is complex than writing. While writing, you involve different body parts such as your arms and fingers. That stimulates many areas of your brain.

Your mind is full of information. During writing, you can use the full potential of your brain. Writing does not use a single part of your part. Instead, it brings all the parts together. Writing is helpful for the students suffering from attention deficit. Writing will demand more attention and you will have to concentrate more to get flawless writing.

Why is writing important for cognitive development?

Experts and scientists have discovered that writing is important for cognitive development. While writing, your brain will develop functional specialization and it will involve more than one part. Writing will integrate many vital parts including your sensation, thinking, and movement control. It will train your brain to combine tactile information, fine motor dexterity, and visual. Brain imaging studies prove that many areas of your brain become co-activated during writing. You will not expect this benefit while typing. Typing is a visual practice.

In addition, you will use your thinking ability more at the time of writing. Your brain will be sharper and focused. It will help to get motor control required over your fingers. You will have to give attention both on the writing and your thought process. In brief, you will bring both these together. The brain imaging studies also reveal that writing activity most of the areas of your brain that do not involve in the typing.

Another benefit of writing is self-generated mechanics required to draw letters. Children who practice writing, have more developed neural activity than those who simply look at the letters. The brain areas get activated during writing and reading, not at the time of typing. While writing, your brain must focus on the followings.

•  Remember the size, sentences, and formats
• Go one stroke to the others to get the required details
• Improves the categorization skill
•  Makes the brain sharp
• Motivates all areas of the brain to work together

Writing is more beneficial since it demands more effort than typing. The letters look less stereotypical in writing. Visual recognition is also required. The research studies also support that writing develops a unique relationship with the brain and ideas. Your brain will act fast. You will be more expressive with complete information in your mind.

What are the other benefits of writing?

Writing comes with a number of benefits especially related to your brain. Your brain will be sharp, active, and well-informed. You can act fast and more intelligently. It will enable you to deal with a situation more tactfully. In addition, you can consider the following benefits.

• Writing works as a coordinator between your right and left brain. Writing enables you to use the full potential of your brain.
• It is an imperative tool to boost cognitive skill. You can develop writing habit in the kids to refine their motor and cognitive skill.
• Writing makes your creative. In fact, many of us might have realized this. Our hand is more powerful when it comes to unleashing the best of our brain.
• Writing is not helpful for the kids and adult only. It can also help the elders to sharpen their brain.
• If you are having difficulties to boost your memory, then writing can help you to a great extent.

Can one get writing help from RapidEssay?

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