Cot Bed: The Practical Parent’s Choice

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Babies grow at a rapid pace. They outgrow their clothes, feeding bottles, and even their crib. Money-conscious parents tend to make the most of anything they buy, so they stretch the usability of certain items to extract the most value for the money they spend. Parents decide on one thing that can benefit them for a short or long period, depending on their choice: the baby bed

After some thinking, you may have thought of buying a cot bed instead of a cot, but then you ask yourself, “is a cot bed worth my money?” 


Reasons why a cot bed

There are other alternatives to a cot bed. For one, there is the cot. A cot, though, has its limits which a cot bed does not. You may also think the child should sleep beside the mother for easy access, especially for breastfeeding. This practice is not advisable, as you will find out. 

Baby Safety

When a baby is born, it is best to let them sleep on their own in a safe and isolated bed within close proximity. This is to prevent SUIDS (Sudden Unintended Infant Death Syndrome.) Parents are strongly discouraged from sleeping beside their children to avoid suffocating or crushing the baby. This is why buying furniture specifically for the sole use of the baby, like a cot bed, is important. Aside from being a sleeping place for your baby, it also acts as a tool to keep your baby safe. 

A cot bed is designed to keep babies safe from rolling and falling out. A cot bed has an adjustable base you can lower so your child does not fall over the enclosure. As your child grows and learns to stand, there is a danger of them falling over.

Length of Usability

Cot beds, unlike cots, can be used by newborn babies until well over their toddler years. The cot bed can adapt to the baby’s growth transition into a toddler and then into a child. Some cot beds also have removable side panels and extendable bases for larger mattresses. Parents benefit from this huge point in savings and peace of mind. 

Cots, in general, last only until the toddler stage, which is about two years of age. So after its use, parents would need to decide on a new sleep arrangement for their little one.

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Baby’ comfort

Babies, especially infants, sleep for hours during the day and night, so it is important that they get enough. Cot beds isolate the baby for safety purposes, but they are also for babies to sleep comfortably. Having their own space to move and be safe ensures that they are not disturbed, resulting in uninterrupted sleep.


Cot beds are slightly more expensive than their cot counterparts. But this little price overlap is negligible in terms of the length of time a cot bed can serve you. Indeed, purchasing another, a larger replacement for a cot, would be more expensive and require more thinking and effort than purchasing a cot bed in the first place.

Space requirement

Cot beds are meant to host a newborn to a developed child, so naturally, they will be considerably bigger than a cot. This would, in turn, take up a bigger space in your room. It is best to keep your baby close so you can monitor the baby regularly. This is to prevent SUIDS (Sudden Unintended Infant Death Syndrome) from occurring. You have to measure your room to find out if it can accommodate a cot bed.


A cot bed requires a mattress. Experts advise that a mattress for babies needs to be soft but firm enough not to sink due to the weight. It also has to be no more than 6 inches thick. A longer and wider mattress made specifically for baby safety and comfort should suffice. It should also fit your cot bed tight; no spaces on the sides to prevent an arm or a leg from getting stuck. 

Perhaps the mattress is the only thing you would need to replace for a cot bed when your child outgrows the old one. There should be nothing on the bed that can pose a health hazard.


Babies are blessings, but they cost a lot of money to care for. Parents need to be wise when picking items for their little darling. This is where cost, quality, and longevity play a significant role. Parents who buy a cot bed are practical and think ahead. They choose the cot bed thinking of their child’s growth while being wise with their spending. They want items that last and are worth their money. A cot bed fits all these requirements and buying one will be up to you.


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