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Top 5 home devices you can control with your smartphone

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Today, the idea of a smart and bright home is fully developed so that everything in your home is automatically controlled. Is it unfeasible to imagine such a concept in your mind? It is much simpler to have home automation in your home during construction because it is much simpler to place objects in the walls to save space. A smart home system integrates all devices in your home, with cabling or wireless networking. However, after building your home, you can choose a wireless network to connect all your devices, especially if you do not want to reconnect your home. Anything in your home that uses electricity can be easily placed in the wired or wireless home network and under your control. You can control your home automation system by voice, remote control or computer.

Top 5 home devices you can control with your smartphone

Today, the world has become digital. We have transformed our homes into a simple controllable phone center. That has been made possible through the use of IoT technology and telephone applications. Many smart homes have controllable features on the phone that the owner does not need to control manually, but that plays a function on their phone, and everything is ready. Do these things look useful to you? Well, you can easily have a smart home if a home automation business comes in and connects your home. The simplicity of the controls is efficient and reliable. But what are these items?

1. Security systems

Mobile applications that connect to the home security system, such as cameras and intercoms, allow the homeowner to monitor visitors from the screens of their mobile devices continuously. Also, all recordings can be stored directly in the cloud and viewed remotely. Then, if a visitor arrives and rings the bell in the absence of everyone, we can see who is and talk to them live and see their activities from their mobile device using the app. An integrated alarm system can help activate the alarm and send a signal to the required authorities in the event of a medical emergency, fire or theft to ensure a prompt response even when the owner is away.

You can complete a complete lock of the house by merely pressing a tab or voice command with a mobile application that uses beacon technology. You can monitor the inside and outside of your home with cameras and motion sensors that can even differentiate pets from thieves. You do not need the keys anymore. You can open the doors with your digitized fingerprints or with a four-digit code. The devices also come with built-in web servers that allow you to access your information online.

2. Lighting and ventilation

Sensor-based lighting systems are relatively conventional, although they have not yet been widely adopted. New systems available on the market can be synchronized with mobile applications to provide full control of lighting, ambient temperature and ventilation with the mobile device. As a result, just as the homeowner leaves the office, you can adjust the temperature and mood of the home lighting on your device to enter a predefined relaxing environment to soothe your mood and give them a family feel. Also, adjustments can be made to the entire house or specific parts of the house.

3. The robotic vacuum cleaning system

Today, home cleaning has also been automated. The cleaning appliances can also be controlled using a smartphone app. A smart vacuum cleaner can find its way through the living room with the help of its camera making a digital map of the place. That helps in preventing it from cleaning one spot again and again. The camera also acts as a webcam that you can use to view your home through the phone. When buying the smart cleaning appliance try to go for the best ones. Popular Deebot Models is an example of well-performing robotic cleaning systems you can get today. You can synchronize the robotic vacuum cleaners on your phone app and control them when you’re busy or away from home.

4. Kitchen appliances

The refrigerator that informs you of its contents and the expiry date of each preserved food enters the market again. What you can do most is send automatic notifications to your mobile device via a simple mobile application with useful ideas for ordering a new inventory from your provider. All electronic devices inside the kitchen, including the electric heater and oven, can be programmed to respond to mobile device controls, so you do not have to get up in the middle of your comic situation for turn off the timer.

5. Media

Smart TVs and smartphones are already on the market, and they can be used to change channels, manage volume and other settings. With a targeted mobile application, the screen can be placed on the wall or on any screen, which means that television can become obsolete in a few years. The availability of broadband Internet and mobile applications and websites featuring movies and television programs, television series and even the in-house applications of production houses make transmission networks obsolete. In anticipation of maturation technology where minimalism is a central aspect, we will soon be able to see sensors and beacons replace large devices in the space of the house.


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Many home automation ideas can be implemented using mobile applications with a complete interface and intelligent use of new hands-free technologies. Many of them are already in the testing phase, and many more are still in the design and development phase with mobile application development companies.


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