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All I Want For Christmas Is Space

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 Christmas. It’s that amazing time of year where laughter fills the living room, food fills the table, memories flood back into our frontal lobes and guests fill every single corner of your home. Yes, it’s utterly incredible, but that doesn’t mean it is stress-free. Far from, especially if you have everyone coming to your place this year. That’s when you start singing, “All I want for Christmas is space,” every time you step into the shower. 

Well, to help make your Christmas wish come true, we have pulled together a list of truly mesmerizing space-saving products that will blow your. mind. And make your Christmas roll on by without a single frown or frustration.

1. Only An Ottoman Will Do

It may not be the most exciting thing on the list but, when it comes to living room furniture, you’ll find nothing is handier than an ottoman. Use it to store your blankets, or have it chock full of easy to access board games or your favorite Christmas movies. Whatever it is. You can put your feet up safe in the knowledge that you have what you need on hand.

2. Call It A CLUG

We all have a mad little family within our bigger family, the one that never does anything according to convention, and so you wouldn’t put it past them to turn up to yours on bikes. The problem is, where are you going to put them? The solution is a CLUG, or several CLUGS. These simply allow you to store your bikes upright, which could be a lifesaver and not just a space-saver.

3. Vanity Is The Best Medicine

You have a house full of guests and that means you need to up your game when it comes to your bathroom. There are more of you and that means having more space for products, and vitamins and whatever pills they happen to be on. Sure, you could just rearrange your medicine cabinet, or you could get yourself the Godmorgan, which is three feet high, two feet wide and made to handle these kinds of tough times with style.

4. The Best Drinks Bar

Christmas is not Christmas without a few tipples. It’s just part of it. How else is your distant aunt meant to make a fool of herself, bring up politics at the dinner table and accidentally reveal Santa isn’t real to the kids? Exactly. The problem is space, which is where this portable bar cart comes in. It’s made to tuck into tight corners, while also being able to store 12 bottles of wine, and glasses. It’s quite something to behold.

5. Exercise In A Box

If you are lucky enough to have squeezed a gym into your home, chances are it is soon to become a spare bedroom. Guests takeover everywhere. This is annoying because, with all the overeating about to take place, you could do with your rowing machine. That’s where the Ram & Row comes in. It literally folds into a box-cum-side table. It’s impressive.


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