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Using an at home STD test that you’ve ordered online

We all crave that mental and emotional connection as some point in our lives and various relationships, whether friendships, familial or romantic relationships all have their benefits. Having people in our lives who make it just that much better is important to our overall happiness and health.

Having a healthy relationship with someone means being able to support, love, and comfort one another on an emotional and practical level. While all healthy relationships offer some health benefits, romantic ones, thanks to the particular kind of intimacy they offer, have a few more.

  1. Stress is reduced

Being in a committed relationship, you’re less inclined to be affected by psychological stress factors as you can share issues that arise with someone else and not keep everything bottled up inside. Oftentimes, having another person’s view and input can help you to solve problems more quickly and effectively.

In a relationship, all worries, fears burdens and anxiety are typically shared (or should be) and both offering and being offered comfort, support and showing you care about one another helps to alleviate the burdens of life and stress you both may be feeling. This can be extremely effective in helping to relieve various types of emotional stress such as fear, anger, resentment, grief, frustration and sadness. As such, having emotional support from your partner is a great defense mechanism against stress.

In addition, there are also practical ways that stress is reduced in a romantic relationship. For example, if you live with someone, costs are generally shared, making financial burdens easier to bear, which in turn reduces worries and stress over making ends meet. Likewise, chores and responsibilities may be divided or shared, and knowing that there is always someone that can help and share things does wonders for your emotional health.

  1. A healthy sex life is good for you

Sex plays an important role in healthy romantic relationships for many reasons, the most obvious of which is pleasure, but there are emotional and health benefits too. You may find yourself experiencing new levels of intimacy, trust and being able to express yourself more freely in your relationship.

Research has shown that sex is not only a great form of exercise, but it may reduce high blood pressure and promote cardiovascular health.

When entering a new sexual relationship it’s vitally important that you both know your health status. It is estimated that a million new sexually transmitted infections are contracted per day. This means that getting an STD test (whether at a clinic or using an at-home STD test that you’ve ordered online) is essential at the beginning of any relationship. But, once both you and your partner have been given the all clear, being in a healthy, monogamous relationship means that you’re at lower risk of contracting an STD, which can have many adverse health complications.

  1. Happiness

Being in a devoted, supportive and healthy relationship can boost your levels of happiness. Scientific research has shown that hormones such as oxytocin (also known as the “love hormone”), adrenaline and cortisol are improved when you’re in a happy relationship, these important chemicals also play a pivotal role in our mood and overall happiness in life.

It’s completely natural for humans to feel wanted, needed and like we’re a part of something. Being in a loving and caring relationship gives a person a sense of belonging and contributes to a healthy and happy life, and this extends to our non-romantic relationships too!

  1. Shared life experiences and memories

There are always memories to be made, some funny, some not so funny and perhaps some even a little embarrassing. These all make up the joy of a successful relationship. Being able to sit back and reminisce on that vacation you took to the beach, or the visit to the emergency room or simply an afternoon spent having lunch with the family creates a sense of intimacy that is very hard to beat. Sharing these memories and life experiences with others will improve your sense of well-being and make you feel more confident and happier.

  1. Healthier lifestyle and behaviors

Being in a healthy relationship is the perfect way to encourage one another to lead a healthier lifestyle. Spouses often share the same habit. If your partner promotes exercising and eating a more balanced diet, you’ll be a lot more motivated to take part, or vice versa. So, if you realize that your spouse or partner’s health habits are not the greatest, you will need to take the lead and ensure that certain steps are taken so that you are both healthy and happy. Again, sharing healthy activities makes them more enjoyable and easier to stick to.



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