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What Type of Grass Should You Plant in Your Yard?

If you want to grow a healthy, vibrantly green lawn, it all starts with the seed you use. Certain grass seeds only grow well in specific climates. Planting the wrong one could cause a lot of frustration trying to make it grow, and cost you more money in the long run.

If you’re wondering what type of grass you should plant, it comes down to several factors. Unsure about what to pay attention to? Take a look at our guide to help you determine which grass seed you should plant in your yard.

Know Your Climate

First, you should have a good understanding of what the average climate is like for your area. Some grass seeds respond well to colder environments, while other grass seeds work best in warm environments.

A good example would be if you lived in Dallas, Texas then St. Augustine grass seed would be the most popular choice, due to the grass preferring sandy soil with lots of sun. However, if you lived in Washington, DC., you have a variety of options due to the climate being a mixture of warm and cold.

See What Your Neighbors Grow

A good idea is to check with your neighbors and see what type of grass seed they use. If they have a lush lawn, you’ll then know what seed works best for your area. On the other hand, if the yard isn’t doing so well, you’ll know which grass seed to avoid.

How Much Traffic the Lawn Sees

The traffic on your lawn is another crucial factor to consider. Not every grass seed can withstand a large amount of foot traffic. St. Augustine grass seed is suitable for medium traffic, which wouldn’t be the best choice for backyards with kids running around. However, Bermuda, Bahia, Buffalo, and Zoysia are a few good options that can withstand high traffic.

Knowing what the primary use of the yard is will help you determine how much foot traffic the lawn will likely see.

The Amount of Work You’ll Put In

Are you prepared to spend some time each day taking care of your lawn? If no, then not every grass seed will be suitable for your home.

Some grass types require more maintenance due to how much water they require and how fast the lawn grows. Yard maintenance is an important factor to consider because if you’re not around to put in the work, all that money and effort seeding the lawn will go to waste.

What the Soil is Like

The health of the soil will also factor how well your grass will grow. If it doesn’t have enough nutrients to give the grass, the soil can only do so much.

Do a quick test of the soil to see if you need to add any nutrients to it before you plant your lawn.

Shade Level

Not every grass seed likes the shade, just like not every grass seed enjoys direct sunlight all day. Depending on what the shade level is like with your yard, that is also something to consider when picking your grass seed.

Use this guide to help you make the best decision on what to plant for grass. Doing a bit of research beforehand will save you time and money of having to reseed your lawn.



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