How To Resurface The Pool Deck For An Appealing Touch?

Pool deck resurfacing is standard practice for fixing broken concrete and giving your pool deck an aesthetically pleasing appearance. To resurface your pool deck, you don’t need to demolish the entire slab of concrete. Carrying out the pool deck resurfacing in Sarasota can be a daunting task, and you should consider taking help from experts. 

A wide range of solutions will be available to you based on how much money you have to work with and the state of your concrete. It is called resurfacing because you add an overlay of concrete, polymer resins, grit, and other elements to your concrete pool deck to reinforce the surface and give it a fresh look.

Coatings/Overlay for Pool Deck

Remodeling your pool deck may be done in one of three ways. 

    1. Pool Deck Paint for Concrete

In terms of pool deck resurfacing, this is by far the most popular and extensively utilized option. It’s less expensive than the rest, and it’s also a lot easier to put in.

Your pool deck should be painted using the proper paint and the right equipment. You should avoid washing away the paint; make sure to complete the project on days with warm, dry weather.

Before painting your pool deck, you must properly clean it and remove all dirt, leaves, and dust. A degreaser or a scrub brush should be used to remove spots and stains. For best results, wait until the pool surface is completely dry before applying the paint.

Paint colors should be mixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Apply the paint to the pool surface using a roller to provide an equal coat. Wait 24 hours before applying another layer, if necessary after finishing with the first one.

Sealing the paint will make it more resistant to wear and tear.

The primary drawback of painting your pool deck is that it only lasts for a few years before you have to reapply the paint.

    2. Overlay with a Texture Spray

To give your pool deck a stylish and skid-resistant surface, apply this overlay. In addition, the pool deck may be decorated with a wide range of colors, patterns, and motifs.

A hopper cannon or trowel is needed to apply a spray texture overlay to your pool deck concrete to produce a smooth, slip-resistant finish.

A cool deck or knockdown finish may have been referred to as such, but it is basically the same thing.

The overlay is a popular choice because of its long-term durability and affordable price. You should seal it after applying it so that it can endure longer.

    3. Concrete Overlay with Stamped Pattern

You may use a stamped concrete overlay to both spruce up and restore your pool deck. Using this product, fresh and innovative concrete surfaces can be given the appearance of timber, slate, sandstone, concrete block, and other materials.

To ensure that the overlay adheres to your concrete, you must first prepare the surface. Preparation includes carefully cleaning the pool surface and correcting any concrete damage or fractures.

The correct sealer should be used after you have successfully patched the deck with stamped concrete or epoxy. The overlay should be protected by applying a fresh sealer every few years. You may also use additives, dyes, or tints to vary the color of your imprinted overlay.

However, the cost of a stamped concrete overlay is more than that of other overlays, so you’ll need to be prepared to spend more money.

When Can You Expect Your Pool Deck to Be Resurfaced?

It’s crucial to know how long it will take to resurface your pool deck, whether you’re doing it at home or for commercial usage. Details regarding the resurfacing procedure are provided below.

Preparation of the surface

You don’t need to conduct any prep work before applying your coating when utilizing a high-quality product. Clean and firm surfaces are all you need to do the job well. Remove any splintered or loose parts. As a side note, be sure to remove any possible bond saboteurs from the surface, such as oil, grease, or mold.

If your surface has any cracks or divots, use a fiber-reinforced concrete patching compound to fill them up. But you should still prepare the surface with an acrylic copolymer primer before applying it.

Preparation of Your Coating for Application

If you’re using a high-quality product, mixing will be a breeze. With a drill and a paddle, slowly mix the product with four quarts of water in a clean bucket. Keep mixing until all of the powder is wet and flowing, and then stop. Slowly add water to your product if it looks to be too dry.

Cure Time

Cured Uberdek will be ready in a matter of hours. As little as 2-4 hours later, the curing process will be complete. 

Depending on the temperature, wind, and direct sunshine, the working time will be roughly 20 minutes. It will take 3-4 hours for a water-based sealer to cure after you apply it to your surface. For solvent-based sealers, it’s better to wait a few hours before applying them.

The Final Pick!

When it comes to beautifying your backyard, refinishing a concrete pool deck is a far more cost-effective option than replacing old concrete pool decks with new concrete. It is possible for anybody to hire an independent contractor to resurface a pool deck, but many people have no idea how to keep track of their performance. 

Moreover, if you are DIYer, you can do the job yourself because no specialized expertise is needed. Just be patient and follow the steps mentioned above for the best results!


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