Perfume Placement: Where to Apply Perfume

Perfume can be the perfect way to elevate your style as you head out to work or a special event. When used properly, you’ll add a lovely fragrance that draws people closer to you. But do you know where to apply perfume?

Read on for a fragrance guide that will ensure you wear perfume the right way!

Keep Your Perfume in a Safe Spot

While it may be more convenient to keep your perfume in your bathroom, reconsider doing this. Perfume is not immune to environmental changes! In fact, steam from your shower can interfere with your perfume and change its potency. 

Keeping your perfume in a sundrenched kitchen isn’t a good idea, either. And that’s not just because of the temperature and humidity changes that can affect your perfume’s composition. Too much light can hurt perfume, too, and diminish the quality of the scent.

As a solution, keep your perfume in a space that won’t experience temperature swings or dramatic lighting. A bedroom dresser away from a window would be a great option, for example. You’ll help preserve the perfume so it’s good to the last drop!

Understand How and Where to Apply Perfume

Wondering how to apply perfume so you can smell good for your workday? Knowing where to put on perfume isn’t a complex problem. A good rule of thumb is to go with your pulse points since they generate heat that can help your perfume’s aroma soften gently.

Try the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, or inside your elbows. You can also apply perfume above your belly button. And to go a step further, you can even apply some to your clothing!

It’s always smart to test out perfume on fabric since the reaction will vary by material. Additionally, you don’t want to stain your clothing. Try spritzing some perfume into the air and waving your shirt in front of it to capture the scent.

Don’t Go Overboard

One of the benefits of perfume is that you can get a lot from a little 60ml bottle. There’s a reason those bottles are small. You don’t need to douse yourself in perfume!

Knowing how to put on perfume means knowing that a little goes a long way. You don’t want to rub the perfume into your skin, either. Doing so can do the opposite of what you intend and actually reduce the smell’s potency.

A better choice is to spray or dab perfume onto the surface of your skin and let it absorb into the skin. This ensures that you won’t adjust the profile of the smell, and the scent will last all day.

Learn How to Put on Perfume

When you know where to apply perfume, you can reap the benefits of that little bottle on your dresser. Don’t force the issue by trying to rub perfume into your skin. Instead, go with a lighter touch at your pulse points.

For more tips to look and feel your best, check back for fresh and informative articles!


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