Tricks to Give Your Living Room Character

The living room is probably the most used space in the house, therefore it’s important to keep it nice and tidy. But what if you want something more than nice and tidy? Of course, keeping your living room clean is a must, but sometimes, we need to do a little more if we want to make it look interesting. If you’ve been wondering how to turn your living room from ordinary to fun, these are some tricks that will help you:

1. Add different colors

Having all your colors coordinated is great, but if you really want to make your living room unique, adding contrasting colors will definitely help you. Just think about all the possible combinations you can play with — yellow and blue, green and orange, turquoise and pink — the options are practically endless! The key is to let your imagination run a bit wild. Be bold and dare to do things you otherwise wouldn’t consider. Different colors will bring a spark into your living room, and the best of all, it doesn’t need to be expensive at all. If you want to take it a step further, you can paint your walls in contrasting colors, too. That will give your old living room a completely new look! Don’t be constrained by what’s considered proper and acceptable. After all, you’re the one who’ll use your living room the most, so there’s no need to justify your choices to others.

2. Lighting is important

You can have the best-looking room, with the most stylish furniture, but the truth is: if the lighting is wrong, then it’s all wrong. Your lights should be placed strategically in all the right places so the living room can look well-lit during the evening. So if you find your living room lacking, maybe you need to change the lighting. There are many ideas to pick from, so be careful when making a decision. If you prefer elegance, having a chandelier is always a safe bet, and it doesn’t even have to be made out of expensive crystals. In general, if you’re unsure how to decorate the living room, nice accent lighting is also a great idea, especially if you pair it with your favorite piece of art.

3. Be original and creative

Do you own all those tiny things and pieces that you don’t know what to do with, but you still don’t want to throw them away? If the answer is yes, then maybe, you can use them in place of decoration, to make your living room come to life. Think of all the candle supplies that you can set nicely around the coffee table or the figurines that can look good on your bookshelf (next to the books, of course). Small things also count, so before you decide to shop for bigger statement pieces, it’s always better to check all the boxes stored in the attic or the garage. You never know what you might find there. Instead of throwing them away, you can remodel them which will make your living room stand out. Whenever you feel stuck, remember that a little creativity can definitely pay off.

4. Make it yours and unique

Even the most expensive furniture can’t bring personality to a room because it doesn’t really make a living room – people do, with the unique touch they bring. So, your living room shouldn’t be any different. If you think that something’s missing from it, then adding personal items is maybe the answer you’ve been looking for. Personal framed photos, books, magazines — these are all things that define us and our surrounding space. You can add pictures of your loved ones, the gifts you’ve received, or even frame your favorite movie posters and album covers instead of regular paintings. For example, if you like Vegas casino aesthetics, redecorate your living room to look like a casino (just try not to gamble!). There are so many ideas you can play around with, just find out what is it that you like.


So, giving your living room character shouldn’t be something you do all at once. Do things at your own pace and only follow the tips you wholeheartedly like.


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