6 Signs That It’s Time To Upsize.

We all have to clamber onto the housing ladder somewhere, but more often than not, the bottom rung is a cramped little home that it’s sometimes a little bit difficult to love. At some point, we have to take a step back, review our current living situation, and decide it’s finally time to upsize. Although for many people upsizing is just about getting more space, there are many other reasons for wanting to move into a bigger house.


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1.     Your Family Is Growing

Some houses are the perfect size for a single occupant or a couple, but as soon as there’s a little bundle of joy thrown into the mix, the small house can feel just far too small. When you’re looking to upsize, don’t just consider your current needs but also where you’ll be in ten years time. If you’re planning on having more children, buy a house with enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate everyone.

2. The Market Is Good

If the housing market is particularly strong, and you know you want to upsize at some point in the not too distant future, this could be a good time to start the process. Don’t let it drag on too long, as interest rates and house prices can change quickly, and you may find it stops being a sound economic decision.

3. You Want A Bigger Garden

It may be for your children to play, it may be for your desire to grow heirloom roses, or it may be your desire for a swimming pool. A bigger garden is a common reason for families to decide to upsize. If your patio garden just isn’t enough to suit your needs anymore, it could be time to look for more.

4. Your Home Costs Too Much To Keep

When I was trying to work out when and how to sell my house, this was a big part of the consideration.

Sometimes, it just stops being economical to live in your current home. It could be that it costs you a lot to repair or maintain, in which case you might as well cut it loose, and start investing that extra capital into a newer and bigger place.  In these situations, it can be sometimes easier to sell to a company, rather than an individual, for ease of sale.


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5. You Want To Keep Animals

A small apartment is not the best place for the herd of dogs you’ve always dreamed of owning. Upsizing to a house with a yard is a great opportunity for people who just can’t wait any longer to finally buy all the cats, dogs, chickens, and goats you ever wanted.

 6. Your Needs Have Changed

As kids grow up and your family ages, sometimes what you need from a home changes. You may need to change location to be closer to a school or nearer your family. Alternatively, you may need a bigger home so that aging family members can move in with you for care.

Moving home is always a stressful ordeal, and there never seems to be a convenient time, but if any of the above apply to you, it might be time to start giving it serious consideration.




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