Safe in All Seasons: Weather-Related Home Problems and How to Solve Them

Your house or apartment is where you rest after long days at the office. Taking care of it should be a priority. A well-maintained house not only reduces the financial burden of homeowners; it can also turn their property into a wonderful haven.

Learn about the common problems brought about by the weather and various seasons and discover how you can avoid them.

 Poor Insulation of Doors and Windows

Folks in colder states such as Utah or Alaska are bound to have horror stories about high heating bills due to poor maintenance of doors and windows. Weather stripping prevents further repeats of such horror stories by keeping cold drafts from entering gaps and saving energy by trapping in heat. Maintaining the stripping throughout hotter months can also help your home retain cold from the AC and block out dust.

While on the subject of your home’s doors and windows, make sure your sheds and garage are cared for, too. Hire garage door repair professionals to fix any damage to your garage door. This will help you avoid having to go at it late at night in the dead of winter in Utah.

Rainwater Damage

Rain can come at any time and expose any weakness of a home. Before that happens, homeowners are advised to check their roof, house exterior, and drains to prevent nasty surprises when the rainy season comes.

Inspect your walls for water damage. Cracks or mold should be taken care of immediately, as these problems can cause major damage indoors. Coating your walls with water-resistant paint after repairs should help protect it against rain.

Roofs should also be inspected for any holes, cracks, or other types of damage. Sheet-type roofs should be checked for any damage to its sealing. Missing shingles or tiles should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to the inside of your roof and your ceiling.

Drainage can redirect water away from your roof and walls; maintaining it will extend the life of various parts of your home. Gutters should be checked for leaks or rust, or if their downslopes are properly maintained. Downspouts should be directed away from the house and able to handle heavy downpour.

Heat Damage

 Summer brings respite to your home from snow, sleet, and rain, but it also exposes it to heat damage. Extreme heat can damage your home’s foundation, roof, hardwood floors, and pipes. Spring is the best time to inspect your home and prepare it for the summer.

Prolonged exposure to excess humidity and heat can cause parts of your home to crack. Dehumidifiers can take the stress off your floors while caulk can aid your pipes. Roof warping and cracking can be prevented with vapor barriers and properly maintained ducts and ventilation.

The last piece of advice for any homeowner is to learn when to DIY and when to call a pro. Weather stripping can easily be done by hand, but any damage to your foundation is best handled by professionals. If assessments also give you trouble, there’s no problem with paying a small fee to have your home checked for any type of damage. Any amount spent on prevention is worth the convenience and peace of mind you can enjoy.


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