Trendy Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Now that the bathroom has become a space where people linger instead of just showering, new bathroom trends are starting to appear. Pieces such as side tables and chairs, which once belonged in the living areas of the home, are now showing up in the bathroom.

Here are some trendy ways to update your bathroom:

Touchy Feely

You can achieve a country bathroom look by incorporating washstands and freestanding cabinetry into your bathroom. Increasingly more people are treating their bathrooms as living spaces by adding living room designs to them. You could add a side table next to your tub if you want a surface to place your books on while you soak. An armchair to sit on while the little ones take their baths will also be a welcome addition.

Industrial Polish

The lighting in your bathroom does not need to be hospital bright. You should consider tapping into the new trend for chevron tiles, statement lights, and dark paneling if you want your space to look functional and elegant at the same time. Instead of limiting yourself to normal bathroom fixtures, you should think outside the box and opt for stylish chandeliers.

Dark bathrooms are in style and many homeowners love the look. You can bring this look together by installing a brass mirror to bring out the elegance of your space.

Statement Showers

If you do not like having a bathtub, you can opt for a double walk-in shower for more style. You can modernize the shower with pared-back furnishings to give your bathroom a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Bring on Color

Colored bathroom suites might seem outdated but they are not. A colorful bathroom is a pricier but much classier option for people who want their spaces to look modern. You could install a luxurious cast iron custom-made tub in colors such as blue, pastel, and tangerine if you want to make a splash. Big print wallpapers are also trendy if you are looking for a good vibe for 2018.

Punchy Pattern

You can bring your bathroom to life and add interest to it by playing around with wall and floor patterns. To bring a modern and geometric style to your bathroom, you should consider hexagon patterns for your floors and walls. If you go with a monochrome floor pattern, you should opt for bright and vivid colors when choosing accessories and sanitary ware.

High-tech Toilets

You should incorporate tech such as seat warmers, adjustable air dryers, and automatic lid openers. You can also install a wireless music player that turns on whenever you open the toilet lid: if you do not carry books into the bathroom but would like some entertainment while you handle your business, you need this.

However, the toilet is not the only thing that is going hi-tech. You can also install a smart shower that turns on your favorite music as you shower and knows your preferred water temperature. Faucets that turn on when you put your hands beneath them are another great addition to the bathroom.

Under Floor Heating Systems

If you wear slippers to avoid the chill of your bathroom floor, you should install an electric floor heating system. Under-floor heating can be installed underneath a variety of floors, including tiles, concrete, wood, and vinyl. Heating systems do not only provide heat, they also favor people with allergies by eliminating air currents.


Updating your bathroom is the best thing that you can do to increase the value of your home. The above ideas will give you a good place to start. Just make sure that you stick to your budget.




  1. This is beautiful. I would love to remodel and have a double walk-in shower.

  2. Great ideas and such beautiful surfaces in the bathroom love to redo mine like this one

  3. These are all good ideas.

  4. Some good ideas on improving the bathroom. Ours could use a facelift

  5. All three of our bathrooms are in need of an update. Mostly because there is carpet in them. Does anyone else have carpet in their bathrooms? Have you ever heard or seen people with it in theirs? Is this a trend that is starting? Thank you for all these tips! They are awesome!

  6. I’d love to update the bathroom and make it bigger!

  7. The underfloor heating sounds good!Winter winner

  8. I need a new bathroom upgrade in the worst way!

  9. My bathroom is very vanilla. Need to class it up with some color. Thanks!

  10. My bathroom needs help! The under the floor heating sounds expense and problematic to repair. Heated area rug?

  11. The bathroom is gorgeous…and I LOVE the idea of a heated floor. 🙂

  12. One of the best things we did when we moved was extend the bathroom to fit a full size tub.

  13. I’d love to make some updates on our bathrooms!

  14. I agree little touches make the bathroom feel cozier. We are going to put in a walk in shower, I only wish I could have a double walk in like the one pictured here.

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