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How to Transform Your Nice Home Into a Home You Absolutely Love

As homeowners, we all want to make our homes look amazing both inside and out. This isn’t about the pride of ownership. There is an ineffable delight in transforming one thing into another, from a lower state to a higher state, from bedraggled to beautiful. For instance, when you pull out weeds and plant seeds, you transform your garden into a work of living art.

That said, an extreme home makeover is a complicated process. It can also be overwhelming and confusing. What would you do? How should you begin?

After remodeling, which will mainly consist of structural matters like fixing broken fixtures and replacing what you no longer want, here are some areas of focus when you want to achieve a delightful aesthetic look inside and outside of your home:

Your Garden

A nice lawn will transform a yard into a garden. Find the best grass seed for your front and backyard. Everything else you do, from bushes to flowers, simply enhances the lawn itself. In fact, the size of your yard won’t even matter anymore. If you have a modest yard, it will now look snug and cozy. If you have a large yard, it will assume the dignity of a country estate.

Your Furnishings

Most homes have a medley of miscellaneous furniture. You inherited some of your furniture from a relative. You purchased some at an estate sale. Maybe you even bought a few pieces from a showroom. After years of collecting, exquisite pieces sit alongside humbler pieces. What can you do about the hodgepodge? It’s quite simple: decide on a perfect interior theme. It doesn’t matter what you choose: traditional, vintage, rustic, art deco, retro, modern, or contemporary. What matters is that you resonate with it. It should be something you love. With a plan in mind, you can slowly swap out the old for the new.

Your Décor

Assuming that you have transitioned to a new style of furnishing, now it’s time to change the décor. Make sure your theme stays intact. Your décor could be anything you like, from works of art to framed family photographs. Once more, it simply has to be something that you love.

Your Color Scheme

Color, of course, is important. If you don’t have an artistic eye consulting an interior designer is a good idea. He or she can help you understand which colors you should use and which colors play well with each other.

Your Finishing Touch

Finally, after making the big changes, it’s time to add some subtle finishing touches to your home makeover. One popular trend is to give your home a “signature scent.” Spend some time learning about the science and psychology of essential oils and change the scents in your home. People who walk into your home will notice the subtle change and they will that feel happier and more relaxed.

Making A Plan

As you review this possible plan of action, you’re probably skeptical. After all, it will cost time and money; and while it’s idealistic, it’s not at all practical. However, what if you were to extend the timeline? Since it’s unreasonable to assume you can do everything at once, what if you did it a little at a time? Think of this plan as a long-range one. And, of course, you can decide on the order and pace that works best for transforming your home to fit your evolving vision of what’s possible.

To sum up, transforming your home will make a huge improvement in your quality of life. All the other changes you’ve made will make your home look more elegant and feel even more comfortable.


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