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You have nearly everything arranged as you prepare to relocate. You’ve already found an apartment and changed your address with the Social Security Administration, the post office, and tax authorities. Everything on your checklist for relocating has been completed. The only issue is that you don’t know how you’re going to get your automobile there.

Since it’s one of the least expensive methods to move your automobile, you might be considering hiring a trailer from U-Haul, but you should still weigh your choices. The largest decision you’ll have to make in reliable military car shipping services is whether to rent a vehicle carrier or a dolly, and this post will assist you in making that decision.


Knowing the Differences Between Auto Transport and Dolly Services

Let’s examine the distinctions between the two options in addition to the benefits and drawbacks of each. You will have a comprehensive grasp of which one best suit your requirements as a result.


How They Function

Only your car’s front wheels will be raised by a two-wheel trailer known as a car dolly. With a dolly, you can tow your automobile while keeping the back wheels on the ground. A vehicle carrier, on the other hand, is a four-wheel carrier that an auto transport business will employ to lift your automobile off the ground.

Automobile Interoperability

Most front-wheel drive ( cars and certain all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive cars can be towed using a dolly. But there are specific weight limitations, making it unsuitable for hauling larger cars. Furthermore, dollies are often not very effective when it comes to towing electric cars.

Conversely, a car trailer may tow heavy trucks and cars in addition to electric vehicles. All the carrier firm has to do is modify a little bit to account for the weight of your car. To ensure it doesn’t go over the maximum weight restriction, they could, for example, lower the number of cars the trailer is towing for that specific journey if the car is heavier.

The Configuration

It might be a little tricky to hook up your automobile to a dolly, especially if you’ve never done it before. To reduce the chance of accidents, you must ensure that the driving wheels are extremely secure. This is crucial because you cannot use the emergency braking feature to keep a car still when towing it with a dolly.

When towing a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the configuration becomes very intricate. Front clearance problems may even need you to remove the drive shafts. For a smoother setup, flat towing is an additional option.

However, you have to put in very little work while towing a car with a car trailer. It’s easy for you because the carrier firm will usually carry out the loading and unloading of the automobile on your behalf.

Wear and Tear on Vehicles

The back wheels are left on the ground while towing a car through a dolly, which places a greater weight on them as the front wheels have been raised. Thus, there’s a chance that the tires will deteriorate with time. For this reason, it might not be the ideal method for transporting vintage automobiles or towing a car a long distance.

Dollies may also cause clearance problems for some low-to-the-ground or long-front automobiles. During towing, some of the car’s pieces might be dragged, harming body kits, front bumpers, and undercarriage components.

There is less chance of tire deterioration when using a car carrier because the complete automobile is put on a trailer. However, there’s still a chance of small dents as well as dings from moving traffic if it’s an open-topped carrier, but in most cases, insurance covers these.


Paying for a dolly rental is typically less expensive than buying one.

If you don’t have the car to tow it in, there might be some extra rental and gas costs. Furthermore, the majority of moving firms only lend out dollies in conjunction with truck rentals; thus, the cost of leasing a dolly is going to be added to your overall bill.

The fact that towing a car behind a truck would drastically reduce your gas mileage is another. This implies that you could use a lot of gasoline since it will take you longer to travel the same distance with gas than normal.


When you travel at a high pace, you may experience trailer wobble, which is one of the most common problems with car dolly towing. It’s one of the primary reasons for towing accidents and is especially dangerous when you’re towing your automobile in inclement weather since the slick roads make it extra harder to steer.

Because all of the vehicles are put on a car transporter or carrier, it is far safer than trolleys in this regard. There is less danger because the driver simply needs to concentrate on handling the car in which they are operating.


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