Teen Substance Abuse: Educating Your Children on Making Safe Choices

Substance abuse is a tremendously prominent issue and can impact just about anyone, including your own kids. Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use to educate your children on how to make safe choices when it comes to drugs and other substances.

1. Teach Your Kids About the Law

Though some states have legalized certain substances like alcohol and cannabis, not every region adheres to these rules. In fact, the NCDAS informs us that drug arrests, including those associated with marijuana, account for 26% of all arrests in the United States. As such, it’s important that you research what types of substances are allowed in your area and discuss the consequences your children could face if they indulge in illegal substances. Admittedly, these conversations can be very difficult, but the University of Rochester Medical Center believes that the earlier you start, the more success you’ll have in the future. As such, the source advises that family members begin discussing these subjects as early as ages five through seven.

2. Be Open to Discuss Their Mental Health

Even though it can be soul-crushing to learn that your child is struggling with their mental health, the Mayo Clinic explains that this can be one of the key reasons that a person decides to dabble in drugs. Whether it’s due to an immense traumatic event or a long spout of bullying, the source notes that these situations can leave us feeling hopeless and like we have no other choice but to turn to drugs to help us cope. Not to mention, Legal Jobs states that children are more likely to suffer from behavioral problems if their parents divorced when they were aged between seven and 14. If you believe that your child is suffering from anxiety, depression, or PTSD, it’s best that you discuss relevant treatment options so that your child can develop healthy coping strategies.

3. Explore the Long-Term Effects of Using Illegal Substances

Research suggests that analog drug use, which refers to substances that have been manufactured to mimic the effects of illegal substances but can be sold on the mass market, can result in a hefty $1,000 fine and even a year in jail. It’s important that you explain to your kids that using drugs at such a young age can result in them spending their best years behind bars. Partnership to End Addiction explains that a good way to prevent your children from using these drugs is to spend quality time with them. By engaging in their interests and passions, your child is more likely to spend more time developing them than focusing on experimenting with substances.

Teen substance abuse has the potential to tear your family apart. With the right resources and services by your side, you can stop your child from following down this dark path and ensure that they can focus on the things that matter most. If you’re keen to educate your child more on the nuances of substance abuse, be sure to implement some of the advice and guidance expressed throughout this article.


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