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Top Nomos Watches that are Definitely Worth Your Attention

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The German watch brand Nomos Glashütte has a reputation for producing some stylish, elegant, and tasteful watches. Since 1990, many of Nomos’ watches embrace a streamlined style method, but that’s not to suggest they’re bland since the charm of these timepieces lies in the delicate features.

Not sure what Nomos watch is for you? Fortunately, the company produces pieces to match a range of preferences and budgets. Below are our options for some of the most iconic Nomos models and series you should look into.


Ahoi Atlantik Datum

Nomos released the first diver watch, Ahoi, in 2012. The Ahoi Datum, released the next, continues the trend with its varnished “Atlantic Gray” dial. The Ahoi Datum comprises the auto-winding Nomos Quantum, which controls the date monitor, minute, and second hands.

Ahoi has a case diameter of around 40 mm and features a sapphire base on the back with six bolts as well as a cap. The hour and minute hands are gold-plated, with green engravings; the tiny second hand has a red shiny black pattern. No need to worry about using this if you’re a diver, as the watch is waterproof to 300 meters and sails with a distinctly maritime-looking black silicone belt with a crested closing.


The Nomos Tangente is a traditional, basic three-hand watch that has been one of the best-selling series of the company for almost 25 years. Yet the watch that we are gazing at right now is his older brother, the Nomos Tangomat.

Compared to the Tangente, the Tangomat sports a Bauhaus-inspired dial, a combination of written Arabic numerals and thermal blue markings, which gives an outstanding comparison to the white dial and is nicely textured, rendering it a highly readable watch.


If you’re planning to purchase a watch as an investment, Zürich World Time is your best choice. NOMOS loves to claim that this is “24 watches in one.” By clicking a button, you will immediately know the exact time in Melbourne, Chicago, Hawaii, New York, and 20 other cities, rendering it a must for outdoorsy types.

The Zürich’s architecture, engineering, and accuracy have received various prizes, and these watches are genuinely collectible. They’re truly almost one-of-a-kind with their construction and overall build quality. While it’s the most complex timepiece in the NOMOS collection, it’s still fairly easy, and the dial isn’t messy like other world time watches.

Lux Weissgold

The Lux Weissgold collection by Nomos is notable for its pillow-shaped case framed in 18karat weiss gold or white gold, and for the layout of the clock, which is symbolic of an antique-fashioned kitchen clock. The Lux case dimensions 40.5 mm x 36 mm; the dial is emboldened and painted silver-plated with a blue egg white pattern circle.

The dials are built of rhodium-plated materials. The case, powered by Nomos’s DUW 2002 mechanical-winding design, is mounted on a hand-stitched grained leather case with a brown leather clasp; the strap is the same white gold as the dial.


The Nomos Orion is one of the most trendy timepieces in the company’s latest watch series. The dial on this case is colored white, but when stared at carefully, it has a cool silver shade. The added bar-shaped hour indicators provide a feeling of texture, and, in this case, their golden tone brings some vitality and pizazz to the somewhat plain-looking dial.

The minute and second indications were displayed in the shape of handwritten black stick indices in keeping with the minimalist style of the watch. The aluminum case on this timepiece has a diameter of 35 mm and has some parallel lines and arcs.

Now, we realize that 35 mm can be low by current standards, and there are many other versions of the Orion offered; we have selected this specific version because, in our view, it better shows the attributes of a dress watch.

Club Campus Night

Every watch collection requires a sports watch, and the Nomos Club is just that enjoyable and flexible sports watch. In 2017, the company introduced the Nomos Club Campus range, holding young people in mind by providing several fascinating dial combinations and a reasonable asking price.

As the name implies, this unique Party Campus version sports a dark anthracite-colored screen. Hour indicators are a combination of Arabic numerals, hash marks, and Roman numerals, referring to the layout of the clock, often popularly known as the “California button.”

Several humorous details on the Nomos Club Night can be found in the style of a blue outline on the hour mark, and also a red-colored double side, which also sticks out from the dark backdrop.

Final Thoughts

German innovation, world-class precision machining, and award-winning model architecture: the NOMOS Glashütte timepieces are all that and more. Popular for its delicately understated elegance and versatility in mechanical watches, NOMOS Glashütte has built a loyal following and is attracting new fans every day.



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