Top entertainment options on a visit to Calgary

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Headed to Calgary, Alberta, Canada for business or pleasure in 2018? This major Canadian city has emerged as a destination in its own right in the past couple of decades, as numerous oil booms have given it an amazing downtown filled with restaurants, first-rate boutiques, and fun nightspots.

Below, we’ll name our favorite restaurants, casinos, bars, and other entertainment options you can get up to in this vibrant and dynamic city.


Calgary has become known throughout Canada in recent years for its burgeoning dining scene. Being home to a population that has heaps of disposable income thanks to the high wages and salaries paid by the oil & gas industry, many hip restaurants and fine dining concepts have opened up here and thrived.

Tuck into the best AAA Alberta beef at joints like Julius Caesar’s Steakhouse & Lounge (has a Mad Men-esque appeal to it), Wellington’s (a fancy and formal spot), and Saltlik (casual and modern).

Jonesing for some pizza? Una Pizza + Wine (Californian pizza joint on 17th Ave SW), Double Zero (Italian-style pizza restaurant in the core), and Without Papers Pizza (a casual joint which also makes their own gelato) will fill you up.

Want the ultimate dining experience in YYC? Going by its name, The River Cafe might not sound like the place you are looking for, but this restaurant combines its privileged location, local ingredients, and passion for cooking, and creates an experience which keeps its devoted clientele coming back.


With all the extra income Calgarians have, there are plenty who choose to use it as a tool to make even more money. Some invest it in the stock market, while others choose to derive excitement from it by placing it in the capricious hands of Lady Luck.

Accordingly, there are numerous casinos found throughout Calgary. Cowboys Casino is the place to be during Stampede, as the atmosphere is electric and the action on the poker cash tables hits a fever pitch during this time.

Elsewhere in town, the Elbow River, Cash, and Grey Eagle casinos all attract their regulars through various promotions and unique games of chance. Want to join the locals on the blackjack tables, but don’t want to look like a fool?

Fire up an android casino on your smartphone before leaving your hotel room, and you’ll get up to speed on the mechanics of everything from roulette to sic bo. After a refresher session, you might even be able to hit the land-based casinos in YYC already up money, so give it a shot!


The season may be half over, but there’s still time to catch the Calgary Flames in action. The NHL regular season runs until April 8, so if you are bound for Cowtown prior to this date, you’ll have a chance to watch Johnny Gaudreau work his magic on the ice.

Traveling to YYC this summer or fall? During these seasons, the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders are the hottest ticket in town. Playing in a football league with one fewer down than American football, the action is faster and pass-focused, making for a thrilling contest that even casual fans can enjoy.


Looking to hit the town for a few drinks during your visit to Calgary? There are numerous options available to those with varying interests. Pub lovers will drink up the atmosphere that the Ship & Anchor provides, while those looking for an upscale option will love Eden.

Seeking the country western experience for which Calgary is famous? Look no further than Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall. While it is a ways out of the centre (it is located near McLeod Trail and 94 Ave SE), the saddles, rodeo trophies, mechanical bull, and other Western memorabilia will give you the surroundings to properly enjoy dancing to the latest country hits on their expansive dance floor.


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