Top 5 Benefits of Getting DIY Lash Extensions

 Lash extensions have truly revolutionized today’s fashion culture. It has altered the daily make-up routine of many women. Not only does it give the real beauty vibes you have always dreamt of exuding, but it also enables you to be up and ready for almost any event in no time. Besides making you look your best, it makes you even act your best through the confidence boost that it provides.

 Your days of mascara hassles and fear of smudged mascara are over. The perks of getting lash extensions go way beyond enhancement in your physical appearance. Your dreams of waking up beautiful and confident can all be realized through lash extensions. All you need is an appointment with a lash tech physician who would hand-glue semi-permanent eyelash extensions on top of your natural lashes.

Like every other industry, the faux eyelash industry also has some big names. Huda Beauty, Tarte Tarteist, Makeup Forever, Ardell Wispies, etc., are the most famous names. But Oh Gosh! They will soon leave you broke. The prices startled me and who wants to go broke just to look pretty.

My search for affordable yet natural-looking good-quality eyelash extensions brought me to Lilac St’. These lashes are not only pocket-friendly but they are a lot easier to apply as compared to other brands. I also liked Landkiz 3D eyelash extensions as they are completely handmade out of high-quality silk. One more thing that I liked about another brand named Svanslashes is that their eyelash extensions come with 5 different curling options making them a perfect fit for any type or size of eye and eyelash. They look as natural as Lilac St’s eyelashes do.

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 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions


Enhances Your Charm 

The most significant upside of having eyelash extensions is that it increases your overall charm and gives you the ability to look incredibly put together and beautiful. You can have thick, dark full of length and volume lashes all the time. It’s a 24/7 beauty fix that would require a touch up once every six weeks for upkeep.

The increased volume also lifts your face, which makes it younger-looking. You would also be rescued from buying and applying a wide range of beauty products that only cause harm in the long run. Now you can swim or sweat all you want with grace and beauty, free from worrying about runny mascara.

Saves Your Time

Time is money. The more productively you use it, the more successful and content you will be in your life. Eyelash extensions can save you a tremendous amount of time over a long time. The pains that you have to go through every single morning to darken, curl or lengthen your lashes would be saved.  

Lack of using a lash curler would also save you electricity and possibly save face, too, as you don’t have to worry about your mascara running down your face. You wouldn’t even have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and feel less guilty about it. Also, you could spend the extra half hour catching up with your beauty sleep which would make you look good already.

Saves Your Money

 Today’s competitive cosmetic market is flooded with expensive products that we all have been made to think of as must-haves. These expensive products are very heavy on the pocket. Getting eyelash extensions frees you from the pressure of buying and applying these costly beauty products daily. This would be beneficial for you in the long run and save you a good amount of money that you spend on these products. 

Many women have stopped using a wide range of cosmetics after getting their lash extensions done. Their beauty was so uplifted and enhanced that they did not need to use harmful products and make their skin vulnerable.

Customizable Lashes Extensions

 One of the best things about eyelash extensions is that they are customizable. You could choose the look that suits you best. 

Long lashes do not necessarily suit every face type. There are various options available, and you do not have to opt for the thicker and fuller look if you aren’t comfortable with it. The extent of your eyelash volume and length should be your choice. Many women also go for thinner extensions that complement their natural eyelashes in a very natural way.

Wrinkle Free Skin for Longer

 Not only does the eyelash extension make you look youthful, but they do make you use less make-up daily. This would, in turn, rid your skin of complex chemicals which could age you tremendously. Also, since you’ll be using less make-up, you’ll be using fewer products that are necessarily used along with cosmetics, like make-up cleansers, wipes, timers, etc.

 Less use of products means you’d be rubbing your skin and eyes a lot less, which would make them stress-free, pressure-free, and fresher. Less rubbing to get the products out also results in fewer wrinkles around your eyes. Your skin gets an opportunity to rejuvenate and heal. The process is also not invasive and does no damage to your natural eyelashes.



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