Top 3 Facebook Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Grow Small Business

Affiliate marketing pertains to the process of promoting a product or service, and being rewarded for every customer that completes the transaction. This method is beneficial for small businesses since it provides maximum gains with minimal cost and risks. Affiliate partners help you boost awareness for your brand and increase traffic to your website.

As one of the biggest social media platforms around, Facebook is an excellent tool for this marketing tactic. Here are some strategies that you can use for growing your small business:

  1. Create an Affiliate Program

As a business owner, you will be giving affiliate marketers a kickback for every purchase made using their exclusive link. This URL allows you to track how many people bought your product or service through their platforms. The most common practice for this type of marketing is through blogging, where an influencer promotes your brand on their blog or social media profiles in the hopes that potential customers will click on the sponsored post. This allows your affiliates to earn a commission from you.

Aside from blogging, these are the other types of affiliate marketing:

  • Coupon Sites – By having coupon sites join your program, you can take advantage of their massive member base to increase traffic and revenue for your business. You will provide these websites with deals or vouchers, which they will then advertise to their subscribers.


  • Review Sites – Review sites such as also cater to a broad audience, which can boost awareness for your brand. With this type of marketing, you may need to send them a sample of your product so that they can post about their experience as part of promoting your company.


  • Loyalty Programs – These websites entice their followers with incentives for buying using their links, such as earning rewards points or cash back. This setup depends on your agreement with the affiliate since they may use part of their commission as a reward for their users or as a means to negotiate for a more significant discount.
  1. Create a Specific Landing Page for Facebook

A landing page is a unique part of your website since its sole purpose is to catch visitors from different sources. For potential affiliates coming from Facebook, you should ensure that they know what your business is all about so they can promote your company with full trust and authenticity. If they don’t believe in your vision, they won’t be effective marketers for you, you can learn more here.

On the landing page, make the terms of your affiliate program clear to avoid confusion and misinterpretation. But keep the text brief and concise because you still want it to be easy to scan. Gather only necessary information from potential marketers to lessen form fields and encourage more signups.

  1. Promote Your Affiliate Program

After creating a specific landing page on your website for affiliates coming from Facebook, continue to promote your program on the social media network to get more followers to become your marketers. Get more fans to like your page by creating eye-catching images and paying for ads on the platform.

You can use your personal profile to boost the impact and reach of your Facebook promotions by making the most out of the following features:


  • About – This part of your profile is the best way to let your family, friends, and acquaintances know that you have a business. In this section, add your company’s page as your employer and include your position in the company.


  • Follow – Allow potential customers to follow your personal profile and view your public posts by enabling the Follow button. This way, you add more credibility to your business. You can find this feature when you click on the down arrow located at the top bar of your Facebook page, beside the Quick Help icon. Then, go to Settings and click on Public Posts on the left sidebar.


  • Share – Facebook gives personal profiles more visibility in the News Feed compared to pages. Take advantage of the share feature to promote your significant page posts and get more interaction.


  • Groups – You can enhance visibility for your brand’s page by creating Facebook groups. Those who join your community can get more notifications on the posts rather than on your page. This way, you foster a feeling of connectedness between you and your customers.


Facebook has become a vital tool for digital marketing. It’s sensible that you take advantage of its effectiveness to set up and advertise your affiliate program. Small businesses have a lot to gain from loyal customers and key influencers promoting their products and services, such as boosting brand awareness and, ultimately, increasing revenue.




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