Tips On Keeping Your Style Fresh plus you can win a $100 Gift Card From Carefree®

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Carefree® #CarefreeChallenge, however, all opinions are my own.


Many times I wonder if I’m really “Keeping My Style Fresh” from my hair to my shoes right down to my clothes. Sometimes I look at others and I say to myself: “self, doesn’t she look pretty?  Look at her cute shoes and that great outfit! Man her hair is beautiful!” Then I realize that I am who I am and even though I may be wearing a pair of jeans and flip flops, I still need to switch it up by keeping my style fresh from time to time.

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So here we go with a few tips I’d like to share that I hope will help you and I with Keeping Your Style Fresh!
1) Find that fragrance that makes you feel sexy and fresh. After a long hard day, take a warm bubble bath and set aside that nice bottle of perfume that always make you feel glamorous. I’m sure that lovely scent will add style to whatever you’re wearing

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2) You know that hair cut you’ve been longing to try? Step it up baby! Go for it! Come on, I dare you! 😉 “Keeping Your Style Fresh” consists of everything, honey. You start with the right outfit, then hairstyle, shoes, you name it. There are so many ways to stay fresh! One thing that I know is that I am so ready to cut my hair off! I’m ready for a fresh fun new look and changing up your hairstyles will definitely do the trick.

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3) Next find the perfect lip gloss and eye shadow to make you look vibrant and fresh. Using the right tones and colors bring out your best features so always be sure you are picking the correct shades. Like this one….wow, I dare you to give this a try. Come on, do it! I would be truly “Keeping My Style Fresh” indeed since I rarely wear makeup. I bet heads would turn as I walked down the street. “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just embracing my FRESH STYLE” while the cameras flash…

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Go shopping for that new wardrobe you’ve been wanting, buy those new pants, grab that pretty blouse, pick up that purse and don’t forget some jewelry.

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4) My last tip would be shoes. A woman can never have enough shoes. You can have on anything from a cute romper, sundress or even jeans and a simple blouse but when you put on a pair of shoes, its something about wearing the right pair that can take your outfit to the next level. No matter if they are heels, flats or gym shoes. Shoes can make a woman feel sexy and fresh! If you feel like walking in a pair of 6″ heels, DO IT! If you’d rather be a bit more comfortable in a cute wedge heel, DO IT! Even if you wanted to head out grocery shopping, you can always put on a fabulous pair of flats. There are so many cool colors and styles of shoes around that can keep you feeling stylish, fresh, and hip!


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Wow, I can see my style being totally fresh with this pair. Aren’t they cute? What about you, do you need to Keep Your Style Fresh with some of the items above? What about shoes, do you need to throw away some of those old shoes and freshen up your style with a few new pair of shoes?
Well Carefree® not only want to make sure you stay fresh with their Carefree® Freshness Challenge they also want to help you Keep Your Style Fresh by offering you a chance to win a $100 gift card to top online shoe store retailer. Just enter their sweepstakes here for more details.


It will be like Oprah, you get a pair, you get a pair and you get a pair too…LOL. OK, it won’t be like that, but if you enter, you may win the $100 Gift Card to the shoe retailer of your choice.

Don’t forget as of August 12 – September 10, 2014 you can visit the #CarefreeChallenge site, you can also enter to win the Grand Prize – $5,000 for a fresh new wardrobe. Good Luck and tell all your friends to enter too



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Carefree® #CarefreeChallenge, however, all opinions are my own.





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15 thoughts on “Tips On Keeping Your Style Fresh plus you can win a $100 Gift Card From Carefree®

  • Totally think shoes are a huge plus in feeling fresh with your outfit, sadly though I live in 2 types of shoes… boots or crosstrainers.

  • These are all fabulous tips!! I so agree with finding a scent that you love. Scents are so powerful for evoking emotions and memories. I love the shoes too!

  • I think shoes are one of the easiest ways to freshen up your style. They can easily take a ho-hum outfit to a new level!

  • Awesome post! Love all the really great tips and definitely can’t wait to try them… thanks for sharing!

  • Love these tips. I’m afraid however I’m already the Imelda Marcos of shoes. I think I have over 100 pairs. Yikes!

  • My husband jokes that I have 100 pairs of shoes….and only wear 3 on a regular basis. Men! They just don’t get it!! (and I must seek out those black heels!!) Great tips!

  • I’ve been experimenting with new fragrances lately and I have to say Princess Power by Vera Wang is my ultimate favorite.

  • Yeah woman can never have too many shoes which reminds me that I will have to do some shoe shopping 😀

  • What a fun post! I cannot agree more on the perfume suggestion. I found one that perfectly suits my personality and smells so refreshing and have been using it for ages now. It makes me feel so fresh and cheerful 🙂

  • As we get ready to go into fall, I really really need a new haircut and style. I know that’s a huge part of my look.

  • Totally feeling your post and those shoes!!! I definitely need to get my hair chopped off BUT I am 33 … am I too old for short hair? Hmmm, what a conundrum! Anywho, I am set on the makeup. My sister is a Younique rep so she is constantly trying all of the new styles and colors out on me. I haven’t been afraid to leave the house once; the girl works wonders. Clothes, I don’t like shopping for. I have a personal shopper (aka my Younique sister) that takes care of that for me. Thank God we wear the same size. Then on to shoes…. I rarely shop so if they catch my eye they are coming home with me. I’m thinking shopping this weekend. Time to text my sis. Thanks for the tips, doll!


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