Want a New Furry Friend? 3 Dog Adoption Tips

Having pets is a good cure to the loneliness and emptiness that many feel. Dogs are lovable animals who just can’t contain the affection that they have for their pet parents most of the time. Just do a quick search online to see just how many licks and cuddles pet parents get from the moment they come home up until the time they go to bed.

But getting a pet is not for everyone. Like having children, being a pet parent is a huge responsibility. A lot of adjustments have to be made in terms of schedule and even home structure.

Those who want to welcome a dog to their homes are expected to prepare well before their furry friend’s arrival. In this article are dog adoption tips that every pet parent wannabe must take note of. Those who want to welcome a dog pug puppies NJ have a list of pug for sale

Make sure that everyone in the household is OK with pets

As mentioned, having a pet is going to demand a lot of adjustments. While some people are willing to adjust to welcome a new furry member of the family, some cannot be bothered. Sometimes, animal abuse is perpetrated not by the pet parents themselves but by those non-pet-lovers who they share their homes with. Because of this, it’s always important to get everyone’s cooperation when getting a pet.

Also, when choosing a dog breed you would like to adopt, consider any allergies that your housemates may have. If one of your family members happens to be allergic to dogs, that doesn’t mean that owning a dog is impossible. Check out Pride and Prejudoodles on Facebook for more information on adopting a hypoallergenic dog breed.

Prepare all the necessary paperwork

Dog breeders and shelters all over the country have one unified mission: to make sure that all dogs under their care find forever homes. Because of this, they might ask for some documents that say that the potential pet parents have the capacity to provide long-term care to their adopted pooch.

Among the documents that shelters ask for is a letter from your landlord saying that it’s OK to have pets on their property. If the potential pet parents already have dogs, they might also be required to bring them in during the shelter visit together with their vet records.

Some shelters ask for pictures of the yard or the property where the adopted pooch is going to spend the rest of its life in. This is just to see if it’s safe and suitable for the new family member, given its size and natural behavior.

Choose a trained dog

Speaking of dog behavior, not all dogs are created equal. Some are more affectionate than others. Some are in need of more exercise than others. Some are just more intelligent than others. This all depends on the breed of the dog.

First-time pet parents are expected to do the right amount of research so they’d know exactly what type of dog fits them. They can also consult the counselors in the shelters. These counselors can even provide more details regarding the individual temperament of each pup under their care.

Now, aside from making sure of the breed, first-time pet parents are also advised to choose dogs that have already undergone basic obedience training. This way, adjustment to life with pets will be easier.

Welcoming a pet into the family is an exciting time, especially if the would-be pet parents are ready for their new role. Because of this, it’s always nice to make the necessary preparations well ahead of time.


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