Tips on How to Get Rid of Apron Belly without Surgery

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Let us first start with briefing you on what is an apron belly! Well, it is a combination of subcutaneous and visceral fat that overhangs from the stomach area. Apron belly usually occurs when there is a sudden weight gain, due to which the internal organs also become heavy and add on to the omentum’s fatty texture. The omentum is a flap-like apron, and it is placed in front of the intestines and under the abdominal muscles. As said, this guide will help you get rid of the apron belly without surgery. Keep reading to know the expert tips of apron belly fat loss!


Tips to Lose Apron Belly without a Painful Surgery

It is essential to be strong and heath to avoid an ugly apron belly and stay in good form. Use the following tips to be pretty and attractive. 

Sweat Out and Be Active

One of the best-proven ways to lose any fat is by working out and keeping your body active throughout the day. You can easily save yourself occupied in daily life by doing some household chores, going for a bit of walk, preferring the stairs over the lift, cycling, dancing, swimming and so on. Any of these activities can be facilitated by choosing the right “equipment. There are plenty of guides online to help you find comfortable running shoes, the right cycling shorts, or the best tampons to use for swimming.

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Not only that but also prefer working out either in-home or gym. At home, you can perform simple yoga poses and do a bit of cardio. At home, you can perform simple yoga poses and do a bit of cardio.  In the gym, do as the trainer guides you, and the changes in your apron belly shape will be evident in no time.

Keep a Check on Your Diet

Another important step towards losing apron belly fat is by changing your diet. You will have to make sure that the food you eat contains less fat and more proteins. It will help if your plate looks fuller and greener with healthy fruits and vegetables.

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Cut down oil, butter, and other fatty substances from your regular meal. Go for dry fruits and drinks lots of water. Drinking enough water will ensure your body stays hydrated and prevents loose skin as and when you lose apron belly weight. To eat the healthiest, we recommend you talk to a dietician and eat an apron belly diet that suits your body types.

Achieve Hormonal Balance

As per scientific research, one can gain a fatty apron belly around the abdominal area due to an imbalance in the hormone. Such situations are caused when a person suffers from high insulin and cortisol levels. You can prevent falling into the trap of hormonal imbalance by eating healthy nutrients, sleeping enough, consuming less caffeine, cutting down addictions, and so on. Make sure you start practicing these good habits before it’s too late.

Use Compression Garments

Even though apron belly compression garments hardly help lose belly fat, you can achieve apron belly compression with it during special occasions. It will give you momentary satisfaction and can help you boost your confidence in public.

Aim for a Better Posture

You might already know that a poor sitting posture is harmful to your back, but remember that it is also not good for your apron belly. A bad posture will result in a protruding apron belly. Maintaining a good posture is also vital for a sound body and strong core. Perform yoga to get a decent posture while sitting or standing.

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CoolSculpting Method

If you are scared of surgeries but okay with minor cosmetic treatment, this method will prove great for your apron belly issue. In CoolSculpting, the fat around your apron belly will be frozen with the help of a cooling applicator. As your fat cells get frozen, the body starts assuming them as dead cells and washes them away.

The method takes around just one hour for each area. Depending on the amount of apron belly fat you possess, the doctor will prescribe you several sessions. Be patient because you will get to see the results after around three months. Apron belly after pregnancy is also very common. Hence, you will have to ask your doctor after how much time of the delivery, you can start going for the sessions.

Laser Treatment

The laser procedure is much simpler where your apron belly fat is melted by introducing a laser inside the area through a small incision. Once the fat gets melted, a tube will be inserted to suck the fat, and then the incision will be stitched by the doctor. The results shown by this method are quicker than that of CoolScultping. Yet, it takes a few months for the treatment to deliver complete results.

Final Word

We hope the blog has helped you discover some of the best ways to eliminate apron belly discomfort without choosing the surgical method. All of the ways mentioned above are effective. Some are quicker, while a few, like diet and exercise, need longer time to show results. Which method will you try out to get rid of apron belly fat? We are eager to learn!


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