Tips on Choosing Costumes for Your Kids for Each Event

Kids love to dress up, and that’s a fact. Some adults love it too and there is a good reason for that. It brings some fun and adventure to an event and adds some drama and theatrical angles to it too.

If you’ve got children that are old enough to know what they want and whom they want to dress up for any party or fun event, it is one hassle you don’t need to handle. However, if your kids are either too young or undecided, it doesn’t need to be a tedious chore for you.

We have a few good tips for you below on the things to consider when choosing an outfit for your kids, for any event. But first, why is dressing up so good for kids? We look at a few advantages to this age-old idea.

 Benefits of Dressing Up for Kids

Whether your child dresses up as a fairy, cartoon character, pirate, or superman, it may have some surprising benefits for them and you, such as those mentioned here and below. We look at a few of these below.

Builds their Brains. This one fun activity, amongst others, helps to engage children’s brains and memories. Take for example dressing up for a play, when they dress up, they are meant to remember their lines, and the character they are meant to play. It opens up an array of memories for them, and they remember things from the story based on fantasy or reality and act it out, and more so when they are in gear than in plain clothes.

It helps them remember instances like what their teacher said or how their mom was singing or even when their neighbor’s kid came over to play games. It all starts with dressing up and playing the part of someone else.

It will teach them to remember by association, which is one of the proven ways many successful leaders remember vital information in their speeches or talks. Want to learn how to do this yourself? Check out this interesting information here:

Builds Their Vocabulary. When children dress up to play the part of a pirate or robin hood, they sometimes aren’t aware of whom their character is and they can learn about them, whether it is an animal or a human being.

As parents teaching about their attire is key to them enhancing their vocabulary by learning new words and phrases that belong to the pirate outfit they’re wearing or the tree they have adorned on their head.

You could associate their outfit with a character from a children’s story and read it to them, thereby making them even more engaged because they feel as if they are the boy or girl from the story because they look like them. Making things fun for kids helps them to pay attention better.

Emotional Development. Many young children are always faced with situations, difficult or not, that they seldom understand. They watch television and see something violent or they see a dog being hit by a car, and according to research, they process these fears through playing, which is the one thing that makes sense to them.

By allowing them to act out these things unknown or fears by role-playing and dressing up either at theirs or other parties or school events, you help their emotional development.

So, now we see how best to choose the right costume for your kids.

Choosing the Right Costume for Kids

There are a few factors to take into consideration when trying to choose the best costume for your kids, and we look at these below.

Consider the Comfort Factor

This is possibly the most important of them all. Truth be told, if your kid is not comfortable with those tussled cowboy pants, he will remove them even if it means running around in his underwear.

Plus, they may just be grumpy throughout the entire event – something you want to avoid. Things to look at are the thickness of the fabric, the comfortable nature of the fabric, and if it has any scratchy seams or buttons and ornaments that would come in the way.

Logically you wouldn’t want to dress them up in thick fur on a warm summer’s day, and neither would you make them wear a thing dress on a cold winter’s evening either. Before you buy it or rent it from the store, let them try it on and see if they’re comfortable or not.

Think of Interests

What are your kid’s interests? Does he like cowboys or is he more of a Winnie the Pooh fan? Does she like fairies or ponies? If he is old enough to choose what he likes, put a few options in front of him from storybooks or plays, and ask him to point to the one he likes. If he likes to dress up as a bear, then get that for him, as long as he is interested in it.

Buy Quality

Done skimp on quality. If the outfit is not made with high-quality materials there is no point in buying it as it will last a very short time. Kids are known to run around and play in the mud or jump around in the blow-up castles, they know nothing about looking after their items until they are old enough.

After just one wear, a cheap outfit can easily get torn or stained and one wash will crumple it, and there goes your money. Cheap outfits are an insult to the economy and must not be invested in unless you have a valid reason for it.

If you’re looking for a once-off, then perhaps you can get away with it, but most good parents who want to pick the best costume for kids, won’t want that for their kids. What if he like the outfit and wants to keep it? If it gets damaged you will need to buy it again which is something you can easily avoid.

Sometimes one good outfit can be worn to many different occasions, saving you time and money looking for one for every event.




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