Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Jewelry adds an element of sparkle to any outfit and brightens your look. Over the years, you must have collected numerous trinkets to match any outfit and occasion. However, whenever you reach for your favorite necklace or earrings, you find yourself struggling to untangle it from other jewelry pieces. Doing so takes up a lot of time which is a big hassle when you are in a hurry. So you decide that it is time for you to organize your jewelry, but have no idea where to start from. You don’t need to worry at all as this article brings some useful tips to help you organize your jewelry.

Declutter & Sort

Before you start organizing your jewelry, it is important to take stock of all the pieces you own. You may discover some items that you don’t even wear anymore, so you should remove them from your wearable collection. If you wish, you can donate the jewelry you no longer wear to charity.

Research indicates that decluttering and sorting are essential as you might also discover jewelry that needs polishing or repair. You can make your search for jewelry easier if you separate pieces according to type and use. For example, sort all the rings into one pile and all the necklaces into another and so on.

Keep it in a Drawer

You can keep your jewelry in your dresser by using drawer inserts especially made to hold jewelry. These inserts have different spaces to keep various ornaments such as rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. Organizing your jewelry in a drawer insert lets you have a quick look at all of your jewelry by opening your drawer. Another advantage of organizing your jewelry in a drawer is that you keep the surface of your dresser free. According to research, the key to this type of jewelry organization is compartmentalization. You need to keep the different pieces in their separate spaces so that they don’t mixed up or get misplaced.

If you don’t want to purchase a drawer insert, you can use your old ice cube tray. Place your earrings and necklaces in an individual cube space in order to keep them disentangled.

Use a Jewelry Box

One of the most traditional ways to organize jewelry is keeping it in a jewelry box. Jewelry boxes are available in several materials such as wood, glass, marble, shells, etc. Some jewelry boxes also offer separate spaces for specific items. You can tuck away classy jewelry pieces such a gold ring or AAA Pearl necklace safely in your jewelry box. Another benefit of using a jewelry box is that it can enhance the look of your room décor. You can match the jewelry box to the theme of your room so it becomes part of your décor.

Get a Jewelry Cabinet

One of the coolest and latest ways to organize your jewelry is by installing a jewelry cabinet. These cabinets are easily available and you can buy one and hang it on your wall. They usually have separate hooks for necklaces, cubbyholes for bracelets and slotted dividers for earrings. The plus side of this type of jewelry organization is that it is very convenient and easy to use. You can install one right besides your mirror so you can check out your look wearing a particular jewelry item.

Display it on a Tray

If you want your jewelry to look organized, but don’t have the time to organize it, you can use a tray. You can get jewelry trays in many colors and designs. In addition, you can paint or decorate a regular tray in your house to keep your jewelry in. Jewelry trays are simple yet trendy and they keep your jewelry within easy reach. They add a stylish look to your room and you can place them anywhere, such as on your dresser, nightstand or side table.

In case you don’t want to invest in a separate jewelry tray, you can use one of your old cake stands. Alternatively, you might have a tray that you used to serve dry fruits but you have another one. Use these trays to organize your jewelry as they usually have stylish look and one or two tiers as well. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also use a cupcake liner as a jewelry tray. Put earring and rings in separate tray spaces and decorate it with a flower to make it even more appealing.

Hang it on a Rack

You can use a jewelry rack to hang your ornaments in plain sight. The good thing about these racks is that you can see all your jewelry and quickly grab the one you want to put on for a specific occasion. They usually have a lot of pockets or spaces to organize your jewelry. You can place your necklaces, bracelets and rings on them, but they are not meant for delicate jewelry. They also serve as chic add-ons to your room by displaying your cool trinkets that light up the surroundings.

Drape it on Your Dresser

You can simply drape your jewelry on a classy sculpture on your dresser drawer. Doing so gives your jewelry a cool and graceful appearance. You can use a brass hand sculpture to display your rings and arrange your necklaces on your dresser in a stylish way. Make cone structures to place your rings on and stow necklaces or bracelets in any extra bowls lying around. These items would bring a pretty look to your dresser surface while organizing your jewelry simultaneously.

After reading the tips in the article, you must have a pretty good idea on how to organize your jewelry. Remember that the best arrangement for your jewelry is the one that you find most convenient and feasible. You can also mix two or more of these organizing tips and see which combination works best for you. We hope that you can easily access and wear your jewelry after organizing it in light of the above advice.


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