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New Orleans Filler Basics: 8 Uses for Dermal Fillers

As we age, there are certain parts of our bodies that start to get wrinkles and leave scarring, that is where cosmetic procedures come in handy. Dermal fillers are great non-invasive procedures that you could get to help certain aging problems that you may want to be fixed. You could know more about dermal fillers by visiting in New Orleans.


Why Are Dermal Fillers Considered Safe and Effective In New Orleans?

1.     Helps your laugh lines fade away

Laughter is amazing for your health, but it is sneaky because it still gives you laugh lines that are usually formed around your mouth and it is very unavoidable. That is why dermal fillers are here, it could help you reduce your laugh lines and avoid that part of aging.

2.     Could help treat scarring from acne

Dermal fillers could help with the visible scars that acne leaves because when the fillers are injected under the scar, they would be able to lift the scars and make your skin appear smoother and brighter.

3.     Could tighten your earlobes

This is not really a part of your body that you usually pay attention to, but dermal fillers could help tighten your earlobes because your earlobes may start to sag over time. This could help prevent your earlobes from sagging and prevent your piercing hole to expand.

4.     Add shape and volume to your lips

Having thin lips is a problem that a lot of people want to fix and dermal fillers are there to add more shape and volume to their lips. This could really make a huge and obvious difference in your looks overall. It makes your lips look plumper.

Your surgeon would know how much filler they would need to inject on your lips to avoid your lips being too plump and usually they are going to inject more fillers on your bottom lip so that your lips would still look more natural.

5.     Helps the sculpting of your jaw and chin

In today’s society, having a chiseled jawline and having a strong chin is what is deemed to be attractive. Dermal fillers would be able to help achieve that look. It could stiffen your skin, add more length to your chin so that your facial proportions could be balanced, define your chin and jowls, and make your chin look stronger.

6.     Rejuvenate your hands

Dermal fillers would be able to help in plumping, rejuvenating, and lessening the wrinkles and blemishes that you get as you age. Talk to your dermatologist because they know how much filler your hand is going to need to restore the youthfulness it once had.

7.     Volume to the underneath of your eyes

Dermal fillers would be able to help with your eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark eyes that are found underneath your eyes since they would be able to help in restoring the volume and in plumping your skin back up.

8.     Clear necklines

Constantly looking down could cause some lines to appear on your neck, and this movement is unavoidable especially when you have to look down on your skin. Luckily, dermal fillers would be able to help rejuvenate and smoothen your skin.

What Are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers for the People of New Orleans?

1.     There is no need for recovery time

You would not have to be in-patient when you get dermal fillers since it’s a quick 10-minute process that you would not have to set aside recovery time for. When we are talking about side effects, they are actually very minimal.

You might notice a bot or swelling and the part of your face that you got the filler on could be red, but you could expect it to go back to normal after a few hours so you don’t have to worry about that.

2.     It’s good for your skin

Dermal fillers could improve the way your skin would look and it would help restore the youthfulness of your skin, effectively making you look younger or making you look like what your actual age is.

3.     You would be able to see results quickly

A big reason why people choose to get dermal fillers is because you would be able to see the results of the fillers immediately since you would be able to see the improvements on your face right after you get the injection.

4.     The results could last long

Dermal fillers could give you long-lasting results, you could even expect to retain the results of the fillers in about 6 months, and even 2 years, depending on where you got the filler on and what kind of filler you chose.

There are also some fill-in treatments that you could get when you want to touch-up certain areas on your face that you think need more of it or when you feel like the filler’s effect is slowly going away.

5.     It could give you natural-looking results

Dermal fillers are subtle and it could make the whole thing look like it is natural compared to all of the other cosmetic surgeries on the market out there. The procedure is minimally-invasive has a big part in making it look natural since it would not leave scars.

What Are The Most Popular Dermal Fillers in NOLA?

1.     Restylane

Restylane was invented in Sweden and has also been used here in the United States for 18 years now. This is known as a hyaluronic acid gel with components that are non-animal based and the ingredients in the filler are biodegradable. It is usually used around your mouth and around your eyes because it works best on soft tissue.

2.     Radiesse

The main ingredient that you could find on Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite, this is the microspheres that are very similar to the components that you could find in your bones and your teeth. When you choose this filler, you could expect to see a bit of a difference when it comes to your facial volume, and since this would be able to stimulate the natural collagen of your body, you could expect the effect to last longer.

3.     Juvederm

The company that is responsible for Botox made this filler, and the main ingredient that you could find in Juvederm is hyaluronic acid. This ingredient would be able to help add more volume to your skin and make it more hydrated. Because of the hyaluronic acid, you could also expect the effects to last longer compared to some of the other fillers that you could find in the market.


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