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Things You Should Know If You Are Hiring a Moving Truck

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If you are planning a DIY move then renting a truck will be one important and mandatory task of the moving process. Indeed, a DIY move helps you in cutting your moving cost and gives you the flexibility of your moving time. Out of all other moving tasks in a DIY move process, hiring a right moving truck is one of the costliest and complex task but hiring a moving company will be lot more costly and complicated as they will not let you work your way. So choosing a DIY move and hiring a rental truck is the best option to move if you want to save some money. 

When you plan to hire a rental truck the only thing that comes to your mind is the selection of the size of the truck and it is done. But this is not the case, you should be aware of some important things while hiring a rental truck service. Go through the following information about movingfeedback.com ryder truck rental if you too are planning to hire a rental moving truck for your next move:

Choose and Compare Rental Truck Companies

Don’t settle for the first company that you come across on the internet. Search for more companies and compare their services and prices. Ask them for quotation and confirm how much will you be paying per mile. Select the company that gives best services in reasonable fee, but be smart while choosing and don’t get into the trap of low fee. Sometimes companies turn out to be fraud too, so  make sure you have chosen the right company.

Choose the Right Size Truck

Don’t book oversized or undersized truck. Ask for expert advice and tell them the approximate weight and size of the things that you are moving. Give them all the details and book the right size. Payment also depends upon the size of the truck so choosing a bigger truck will not only cost you extra but will also increase the risk of damaging your stuff due to extra space in the vehicle. 

License and Insurance of the Moving Truck

Don’t forget to check all the documents of the moving truck at the time of confirmation of hiring. You can even plan to purchase supplement moving insurance if moving to a long distance. You have many choices in supplement moving insurances like Supplemental Liability Insurance, Personal Accident, Damage Waivers, and Cargo Insurance and also Auto Tow Protection. 

In case it is an inter-state move then make sure that the company has the authorization documents and license of working in other state.

Driver’s Details

Ask all the details related to the driver in case you are hiring a driver too. Check and get a copy of his driver’s license and insurance. If you are driving the truck yourself and are only hiring it then make sure that you too are following all the instructions that a company driver has to follow. Make sure you follow all the traffic rules and regulations. You have all the needed documents and license etc.

Get Some Help

Even if it is a DIY move, hiring some labor to load and unload the truck is highly recommended. Many rental truck companies provide the facility of hiring labor too. Ask them all the details and the fee associated with it. Clear and confirm the work of the labor in advance to avoid last minute fuss. Make it clear if you want the labor to organize the heavy stuff at its place in your new house. 

Load the Truck Right

Loading the truck in a right way will not only save your time, energy but also your stuff. Even if you have hired labor to load your truck, you will have to be present with them. Guide them to place the storage boxes and other stuff properly. Make sure that heavy boxes are place down and light weight boxes are placed on them. Similarly, boxes that are containing fragile things should be marked and kept on one side. They should be placed tightly so that they don’t shift during the move. Furniture should be placed in a way that it should give support to the small boxes. 

Fill the Tank

If it is a long distance move then filling the fuel tank will be a very wise decision. This will not only save the time but will also ensure easy moving.

Talk to the Driver and Get Details

Talk to the driver personally and take all his contact details. Keep a check on the truck distance meter. Ask the driver to keep GPRS location of his vehicle on so that it is easier to approach the vehicle in case of any emergency. Suggest the driver to use some route planner app to help him in deciding his route as some roads don’t allow trucks. 


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