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Starting a Design Process for Custom Kitchen Cabinets? Read This

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Having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen is the dream of most people and in order to achieve it you certainly need to own your custom kitchen cabinets. However, many are still not familiar with what happens behind the scenes and what the whole kitchen design process is like. So to give you a background, this short article will swiftly cover everything about the kitchen design process, from design to delivery, installation, and final inspection. 


Step 1: Know What You Want

The first thing that you must do when you want to have a successful kitchen renovation is to think about what you want in your dream kitchen. One of the ways to do this through preparing a simple checklist that lets you organize the things that you want for your own custom kitchen cabinets. 

Once you have completed your checklist and considered your budget, it is highly suggested that you research the possible companies and studios who can cater with the things that you want for your kitchen. You can start by visiting kitchen showrooms so you can see up close the latest kitchen finishes and appliances and also ask kitchen professionals any questions you have in mind regarding the color, design, timeframes and potential costs of your custom kitchen cabinets.

Step 2: Kitchen Design Consultation

Once you have found the right provider for you, the next step in the kitchen design process is to sit down with the creators or the designers of your custom kitchen cabinets. You can set up a meeting at your home or their office. Through the consultation, your provider will have an idea on the style you want, the color you want, the extra features you would like, and also the budget you have on hand. More specifically, they can assess the style of your home and suggest what options to consider that suit you best. It is also the time for them to understand the purpose of your renovation such as for functions, family usage, entertainment needs, investment property etc. This is also the time to discuss your likes and dislikes and the preferences that you may have formed during your research. You can also discuss appliances you are considering in your kitchen. Furthermore, it is highly suggested that you have collected sample photos during the consultation so that your designer would have an idea of what you like. 

Step 3: In-Home Measurement 

After the kitchen design consultation, the next step of the kitchen design process is measuring the space you have at home. The designer or company that you have partnered will go to your home at your most convenient time in order to measure all of your kitchen space which includes all of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen as well as the kitchen itself. With the specific measurements you have at home and the consultation plans you have made with your designer, they will then begin to prepare, draw, and price.

Step 4: Kitchen Design Proposal And Quote

Following the initial design consultation and in-home measurements, the kitchen designers will then create a kitchen proposal for you, based on your specific kitchen plan. This proposal does not only present the kitchen blueprint that includes your custom cabinets, appliances, plumbing, electrical outlets, and more, but also indicates kitchens cabinet price ranges as well as the delivery and installation cost. If you are satisfied with the design proposal and quote, most companies will then ask you to put down a deposit. After doing so, they can start to manufacture your design into a reality. 

Step 5: Delivery and Installation

Once the company has finished the custom kitchen cabinets, they will finally then install this in your kitchen. The kitchen designers will give you an estimated delivery date for your cabinets. It must be noted that most companies arrange kitchen cabinet installation for approximately one to two days after the scheduled delivery date. Moreover, generally, the installation process itself takes between two days and two weeks. However, this greatly depends on the scope and design requirements of your kitchen renovation. So even if you can opt for pre-made kitchen cabinets, having your own customized ones installed is such a dream come true. Custom cabinets are by far and wide the best option available to you if you want something specific  or you desire certain features for your cabinets. 

Step 6: Final Inspection

After installation, your provider will then quality inspect your new kitchen cabinets in order to check for any installation problems. Once everything is settled and made sure to be free of problem, the completion payment will then be asked by your provider. 



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