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Beat The Winter Blues: Get A Handle On Your Home Today.

Winter is now here and the nights have turned icy. Frost is appearing on car screens and underfoot and there is a bitter chill in the air. You can either love this time of year for all its faults or detest it. Whatever camp you sit in I guarantee that you will have this sudden motivation to get your home in order, especially now that Christmas is nearly here. The winter blues are a real thing, and they can hit each of us hard at different moments throughout the next few months. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can get a handle on your home. Leaving you once less thing to feel blue about.


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Lighting is everything at this time of year

Let’s be honest, many of us are needing to switch out lights on earlier each day. The dark nights are drawing in, and while this can add a real cozy element to your evening, it’s useless without the right lighting, or if your electricity fails you. It’s always handy to have the number of an electrician close by should disaster strike. Candles are great, but sometimes we just need our houses well lit. Especially when you want to add those festive fairy lights to your home décor.

Give your heating system the once over

At this time of year we need light, but just as important is keeping our house warm. The dark nights mean that the temperature can drop quite considerable in the evening and the morning. So it’s always worth considering giving your system the once over by getting a professional in to take a look. They may be able to determine whether your heating system is up to scratch and performing efficiently. The last thing anyone wants is the heating to break on the coldest day of the year. Especially when you have children in the home.


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Consider the “Hygge” way of life

Hygge is the Danish way of living. They are well known for being the happiest nation in the world, and it’s all due to this. Hygge is the art of coziness and warmth in the cold and dark winter. It’s all about creating that nice fuzzy feeling you get. So indulging in all things candles, hot chocolate, water bottles and blankets. There are plenty of books online explaining it in much more detail, but it’s lovely way to rethink how you see the colder months.

Stock up on the vitamins

This time of year means we are prone to colds and flu symptoms, so stock up on the vitamins and medicine cabinet for when the moment strikes you. Often tackling it straight away means it won’t develop into something worse.

Try your hand at warming stews and hot drinks recipes

As it’s colder outside, it’s time to make more use of your kitchen area. Stews, casseroles and warming drinks like a hot chocolate should all be on the menu at this time of year. Check out websites online for recipe inspiration.

Give your home a deep clean in time for the festive season

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