Things To Know Before Hiring International Movers: A Complete Guide

An International move is a bit overwhelming. It seems scary when you think about relocating your home or business internationally. But to overcome your nightmares regarding international moving, many relocation companies are there to sort things out for you. The International movers take all the responsibility from packing the stuff through your location to delivering the stuff safely to the new place, whether you move within the country or somewhere around the world.


Things To Know Before Hiring International Movers

Don’t get over-excited because your responsibility is not yet over. You must choose a good and advantageous relocation company for a safe and sound international move. Hiring international movers is not a difficult task, but you need to check the services list and the company’s pricing. Many other important things are there that you should know before hiring international movers. This blog will help you know what you should consider before hiring a company. Get through the complete guide on choosing the international movers below:

1.   Know the type of movers

First of all, consider what type of move you will have: an international one or a domestic one, and next, whether the move is business-related or a household move. After knowing these things, do your research about the relocation companies near your area or any well-reputed company. Try to find out whether these companies are interstate or intrastate movers. Then shortlist some of them according to your requirement.

2.   Appearances are often deceptive

Do great research about international moving companies. Check all your requirements in the company’s services list. Research reviews and check for their authenticity. Consult people in your circle for a good relocation company. Shortlist at least ten good relocation companies. Don’t fall prey to the bigger names of companies because bigger is not always better.

3.   Apples to apple comparison

After finalizing a good list of well-reputed companies, compare their services with each other. Look for the services that you need the most for your international move. Comparison of pricing is essential to crack a good deal.

Also, compare the following things before hiring a particular international mover

  • Packing cost: If you pack your stuff yourself, there won’t be any packing cost.
  • Destination points: For example, you are hiring an international moving company for the relocation to India from the USA. Check whether they provide services for moving to India or have mentioned India in their destination points.

4.   Read FAQs carefully

Also, go through the FAQs of all the relocation companies. These will also help you know the things that are necessary to consider before hiring. You will also get to know your responsibilities. The authentic information related to their registration is also available there.

5.   Read the Complaint Registries

Checking the Complaint registries is a good way to know about people’s good and bad experiences with the respective companies. Besides this, after having experience with any relocating company, you should also publicly lodge your good or bad experiences to help others.

6.   Ensure the Quote

Global transportation leads to complex pricing. So, before hiring an international mover, you must know all the terms and conditions included in your quote. This step will prevent you from any additional pricing. Know the moving costs well before hiring any company. Ask for the cost details of extra services also.

Beware of Fraudulent Movers

It is sometimes very difficult to recognize fraudulent movers. But some tricks can help you easily recognize them before you welcome a great loss. Scammers usually deal in almost similar ways. Consider these things that will help you recognize the fraudulent movers easily.

  • They are vague and usually don’t talk without generic expressions. Focus on their eyes while interviewing.
  • Asking for large deposits before having the international move is not common in the shipping industry. These scam artists will push you high for heavy advance payments.
  • Movers can’t transport some items internationally by law. But these scammers will agree to move all your belongings smoothly.

Final Thoughts

All the above things are necessary to know before hiring an international mover. For a safe and cost-worthy relocation to India from usa, we recommend the SDC shipping company. After research, you will also find out that this company is really trustworthy.






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