Things You Can Do in Your Home to Relieve Back Pain.

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If you suffer from chronic back pain you know all too well how it can debilitate and prevent you from enjoying the quality of life you once had. Luckily, there are many ways to relieve the symptoms by adding or replacing items around your home and using effective non-prescription treatments that offer temporary relief.  

Replacing your mattress

For some with recent issues with their back, it may come down to something as easy as replacing the mattress. For others, who have prior injuries and live with chronic back pain, changing your mattress can still help to diminish the pain so that you can achieve a peaceful and sound night’s rest. Without the proper support underneath your body, you end up in a sleeping posture that causes strained muscles and does not properly align the spine, contributing to lower back pain. Make sure that you get the one that best supports your body, before long you’re sure to find the best mattress for back pain.

Pillows can also play a role in your comfort while sleeping. They can raise your head too high or too flat, but they’re just the beginning as far as bed enhancement goes. Places like offer a full range of bedding supplies to give you every chance for improved, pain-free sleep.

Massage chair

Nothing beats getting an all-over body massage at the spa or an invigorating 20-minute session in a therapeutic chair at the chiropractor’s office. A massage applied to the right muscles can offer total relaxation, relieving anxiety, tension, stress as well as chronic aches and pains. There are many massage chairs and portable pads that can give you a simulated experience and similar results from the privacy of your home. Massage chairs provide many benefits to the spine. They support the spine horizontally helping to keep the vertebrae aligned improving posture. A massage chair is therapeutic helping to relax muscles, relieve stress and anxiety, temporarily increase mobility and improve circulation. You can also find the best inversion table for back pain to help you also! Before you purchase one make sure that it has the options you need and that the ratings are good.

Rubs, ointments and Epsom salts

Epsom salts contain large amounts of magnesium, essential to maintaining proper body functions. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory that naturally relieves aches and pains. Simply pour 1-2 cups into a hot bath and relax. The Epsom salts go to work immediately. In addition to offering temporary relief of pain, it also exfoliates, a detoxifies, removes dry skin, reduces stress and anxiousness and even helps to correct constipation. There are also many over-the-counter patches, gels and creams that can offer temporary relief of pain and allow you to consume a smaller dose of your current medication. Talk with your doctor to see if this is an option available to you.    

Stretching and posture exercises

Stress on the body can contribute to chronic back pain. If the muscles in the abs and back don’t receive enough exercise they can affect the lower spine. Carrying around extra weight and inactivity can weaken these muscles and cause a lot of pain. Exercising the core muscles just 20-30 minutes each day can help to alleviate aches and pains.  In addition to a 20-30 minutes workout, stretches are critical to relieving tension pain created from a tight hamstring. If the hamstring is too tight it can actually stress the sacroiliac joint which sends a pain signal to the lower back. Stretches performed a few times a day can help to eliminate it. Slouching and walking without your shoulders back can lead to a curved spine and many pain issues associated with the back. When your posture is poor your spine does not align correctly and it is always good to seek out a professional Spine Doctor. Practice standing and sitting straight. Check with your doctor to see what exercises he recommends to improve your posture.

Living with back pain doesn’t have to debilitate you to the point where you stop enjoying life. Whether it stems from a previous injury, a failed surgery, a herniated disc, osteoporosis and poor posture, if you suffer from back pain there are ways to alleviate your symptoms.      



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