The Role of Good Parenting in Addiction Recovery 

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People often discuss the topic of addiction and its impact on the addict. Sadly, very few look at how it affects the family members of the addicted individual. The addict indeed is the one who suffers the most due to chronic substance abuse. But, you cannot simply neglect what the addict’s family endures due to it. Parents of the addict play a vital role in this whole scenario and ultimately, the subsequent recovery. 

How Does Addiction Impact The Family? 

In America, you can see various families such as foster families, single-parent families, multi-geanerational families and more. The impact on the family of an individual’s addiction mainly depends on the family makeup. 

Nowadays, parents are more frightened about sending their children to college for some serious reasons. Basically, college is when their young adults are more prone to addiction, and current substance use rules seem a bit unrealistic. Most of all, children’s developing attitude towards the total flexibility for trying various substances is hazardous. 

Understanding these potential risks of drug or alcohol use disorders during college days, medical experts suggest parents communicate with their children on the following topics before college: 

  • Genetic predispositions 
  • What response they can expect from the family at such times? 
  • What are the risks of marijuana and other drug use? 
  • What are the risks of prescribed drug abuse? 
  • What is the moderate use of alcohol? 
  • How to get the professional help 

This benefits both children and parents to develop a positive mindset at first. Addicts often think that what they do is none of anyone’s business. However, that’s a delusion. Healthy communication can prevent severe disruption in families in the long run. 

Parenting Tips For Addiction Recovery 

Research shows that discipline, healthy child-parent relationships, non-harsh parenting and positive home environments can prevent drug use and other unhealthy behaviors in children. But what if your child is already an addict and undergoing treatments in a reputed drug rehab Orange County for long-lasting recovery? How can you help him or her to achieve recovery soon? It’s simple — communicate with them.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that your involvement in your child’s recovery process is very crucial. It can encourage teens for positive participation in recovery programs. Plus, it increases success rates, and improves your child’s willingness for long-lasting sobriety.

Also, it lessens the risks of relapse and their continued alcohol or drug use. In simple words, parents’ involvement boosts the recovery of their children.

You have to understand that it’s your kid, no matter what kind of bonding you have with them. And during such critical times, parents’ love and support are all they want. You can be that extra shoulder they want to lean on during the recovery process.

So, if your teen is struggling with substance abuse and you are worried about it, just don’t turn a blind eye. Make yourself understand that it’s just a phase and will go away. While it’s true that many parents want their children to be independent as they grow up, it does not mean that you should stop involving in their decisions. This can make a big difference to them.

A recently conducted survey reports that parents’ attitude towards their children can be highly influential towards their drug use issues. Parents need to be more involved in their child’s life while they are in mid or high school. Experts from any great addiction treatment program would always recommend parents to be well-informed about their child’s life. They must not seem out of touch as the consequences can be dangerous.

It’s Parents Who Can Make All The Difference 

Parents may feel that their influence on children is no more when they grow up. But no matter how severe it gets, continue communication with your kids and set clear boundaries and expectations about drugs and alcohol use. 

Every moment is ideal to improve troubled relationships, and it’s you what your children need while suffering from addiction. You have that much-needed love and support for them, and no one else has more power than you to break their chain of addiction.


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