Temporary vs. Permanent Spousal Maintenance: Here’s What You Need to Know

One of the hottest topics surrounding divorce is spousal support. There is a lot of stress, anger and resentment when it comes to this subject. Although it can be a hurtful discussion, it’s still important to know the ins and outs of the process. 


The Big Question

Spousal support should be one of the priorities when you get a divorce. Places like Sydney Law Group represents both sides, so there is no favoritism when it comes to getting the right judgement. If you’re thinking of getting a divorce, then spousal maintenance type is going to be the big question. 

As a person that has to pay spousal support, you want the amount to be fair. Nothing hurts more than getting taken to the cleaners in a divorce agreement. Instead of getting some breathing room after the divorce, you are locked into an agreement that is more harmful than the marriage.

As a spouse that has to receive spousal support, you are not obligated to beg for a fair share. The spouse sacrifices just as much as the head of the household, and life after marriage should not be a struggle. Whether temporary or permanent, the judgement should put you on the right track to a happier life after marriage. 


Temporary spousal support is granted as the divorce is pending. When temporary spousal support is overlooked, it allows money and assets to be hidden before the divorce takes place. This leads to situations where the spousal maintenance you would receive in a permanent agreement is much less than what you would be entitled to. Support needs to be a priority at the first sign of separation, or you’ll face a situation where you are forced to draw out the divorce until all assets are found. Even if you get turned down for temporary spousal support, you can still be granted permanent support after the divorce is finalized


Permanent spousal support is a set duration, or it can be forever. Lifetime spousal support is a rarity compared to the other options, but you should be aware that it is on the table. This is important to mention for couples that have been married for decades and are near or past retirement age. It is unrealistic to ask someone who has been out of work for 30 years to find a job with skills that they never got to polish. Things get even more complicated when young kids are added to the divorce. The amount of child support will affect spousal support. Since this amount changes once the children reach adult ages, it isn’t uncommon for courts to revisit permanent spousal support agreements. This is normal, as any life changes such as jobs or children will prompt a revisit of the original support offered. 

It’s Not a Punishment

Both sides need to understand why spousal maintenance is important. Coming to an agreement takes patience, and a willingness to negotiate with good intentions. No matter which type of support you receive, being taken care of should be the priority.


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