What Tech Do You Need to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel?

If you want to start a YouTube gaming channel, you will need to invest in certain gadgets that will benefit you. You can start by taking a look at what established gamers such as PewDiePie use.

In any case, your first purchase must always be a laptop, as you will need to edit and post your videos through it. Secondly, you will need proper camera equipment in order to record yourself playing a game, a microphone, proper lighting, and of course, video editing software.

Keep in mind that your YouTube channel will take some time to build up, of course it is hectic to raise followers and likes buy Youtube likes here, but you are taking a step in the right direction by investing in all of the following tech.

Choose the best laptop

The computer that you purchase should have enough storage to fit your needs and have a high-resolution screen, among other considerations.

Of course, you’ll need to determine a budget for what you can afford to pay. This doesn’t have to be a chose as you can get help in finding a model that fits your needs. Choosist.com matches you with a computer that suits you, depending on what you outlined your lifestyle to be like.

After all, you can’t even begin a YouTube gaming channel without a proper laptop.

Camera equipment

Secondly, you will need to invest in camera equipment. What will you be recording yourself with, otherwise?

People want to see your reactions while you are playing a game, and if your video quality is low and your face is blurry, the chances are that no one will stick around to watch the full duration of your clip.


Some say that audio is more important than the video quality, although both are equally important.

Even if the video that you post is high resolution, no one will be entertained by simply watching your reactions, as they want to hear what you have to say as well. This can make a big difference in how many people choose to watch your videos.

Proper lighting

Proper lighting goes hand in hand with the two aforementioned points, and it will ensure that the video you post is not too dark to the point that people can’t see your face.

Remember, the whole point of a gaming YouTube channel is for you to offer your opinion, in a humorous way, on a game that you are playing. At the end of the day, people are clicking on your videos because they are entertained by you.

Video editing software

In order to increase the quality of the videos you post, you need to invest in some video editing software. You don’t necessarily need to purchase the most expensive ones, although it would be worthwhile to have at least one program that you learn how to use efficiently.

Thinking outside of the tech component, a big part of your success will also rely on your personality and the type of content that you post. If you play some of the most popular games on the market, what is your commentary like? Remember to think about this point, as it will impact the type of videos that you produce.


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