3 Amazing Gift Ideas That All Grandpa’s Will Adore.

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 It’s no secret that grandpas are notoriously difficult to buy for. Whether it’s for his birthday or Father’s day, finding a gift, he will love can seem like an impossible task. You obviously want to show just how much you care and adoration you have for him. But how can you do this if you can’t find a suitable gift? Buying a suitable gift for your Grandpa doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need some ideas and inspiration. To give you a helping hand, here are some fabulous gift ideas that all grandpas would love to receive.

A photo book

Photo books are fantastic presents to give to anybody, but especially Grandpa’s. He will love being able to look through photographs of his grandchildren and family. Or relive his youth with photographs from when he was a child or teenager. This is a beautiful keepsake that he will hold dear for a long time. All you need to do is find some suitable photographs and arrange them onto the pages of a book. You can do this online by scanning and uploading the photos which will then be professionally printed. Or you could make it yourself using a scrapbook, family photos, and washi tape. You could also add in descriptions and stories to make the photo book even more personal.

A new pipe

If your Grandpa loves smoking a pipe in the evenings, why not get him a new one to add to his collection. The best way to do this is by looking at the pipes he already owns. Take a picture of them if you can and head to a specialist store. The staff members should be able to recommend a suitable style of pipe based on the ones he already has. Try to buy the best one you can afford to ensure it is long lasting and of a good quality. You can then consider having the pipe engraved with a special message or just his initials for an extra special touch. Why not him his favorite pipe tobacco too so he can use his new pipe straight away.

A webcam

If you don’t get to see your Grandpa as often as you would like, a webcam will make a brilliant gift. This gift will help you both stay connected even if you live on the other side of the world. It will also encourage him to familiarize himself with his computer a lot more. Choose a webcam that is easy to set up and produces sharp image quality. He can use his webcam on sites such as Skype, which will allow you to see each other on a more regular basis. While there is nothing wrong with a weekly phone call, a webcam can take staying connected to a new level.


It’s likely that your Grandpa will love any gift you buy for him because it comes from you. But with a little thought and inspiration, you can buy or make him something he can use and treasure. Seeing his face when he opens his gift will be priceless.


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One thought on “3 Amazing Gift Ideas That All Grandpa’s Will Adore.

  • May 8, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    You are so right Grandpas are so Hard to Buy for! Thank you for all the wonderful Gift Ideas they will surely help me! My husband is a Grandpa that is hard to Buy for.. I love the Photo Album of his Life Idea!! I am going to work on that Idea for his Birthday or Christmas.. Depending on when I get it done. We have been married for 51 yrs ~ Have 2 Daughters~ 8 Grandchildren & 4 Great Grandchildren, 1 more Great Granddaughter due next Month!! I am so excited right now to get this Started, He was recently Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease this will help him Smile!! Thank you again so much!!


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