Beets Blu PagerTag Helps with Misplaced Keys, Wallets and More!

How many times have you went to get your keys and you can’t find them? My husband always seems to put the car keys somewhere different.  Then I get the familiar question, “have you seen the keys?”.  In my mind, I think if you would just put them the same place each time, but that must be too easy.  This is where the Beets Blu PagerTag will come in very handy. Now he won’t have to ask me he can just use his phone to find them.

beets blu key finder

The Beets Blu PagerTag not only will help you keep track of your keys but it will also keep track of your wallet.  If you have a dog that seems to get out of your sight or off their lead you can even use the Beets Blu PagerTag on them also.

What is the Beets Blu PagerTag All About?

You are going to wonder why you didn’t hear about one of these sooner! If you can imagine never worrying about losing one of your important items, wouldn’t you want to own one?  This item does not only alert you when your item shifts outside of the connection range, (approximately 15 feet or 5 meters), it will detect the proximity of your lost or forgotten item. We are so busy thinking of 10 different things at a time that sometimes we will walk away from our purse or gym bag in the most inconvenient places.

beets blu pagertag

  • Keep track of your valuables (keys, wallets, suitcase, laptop bag, backpack – whatever is tagged with PagerTag)
  • Detect the proximity of lost or forgotten items wirelessly
  • Send sounds and enable an LED light to alert you
  • Save the battery life using Bluetooth Low Energy protocol
  • Save you a lot of time and anxiety
  • Can be used as Android Trusted Device for automatic screen unlock (Android 5.0 or later required)

If you decide you want to use the PagerTag for more than one item at a time, you will need to purchase one for each item that is in need of one.

  • If you can’t find your keys in a rush or you can’t find them in your bag
  • If you left your wallet or purse behind or misplaced it
  • If you attach PagerTag to your travel bag, your phone will notify you when it is nearby at the baggage claim area
  • If your tagged pet is outside of a set range
  • If your item has being stolen

Have any of these things happened to you? My Mom lost her car keys and although the car keys were very important there was a handmade bead and twine like lanyard on it that my niece made her.  That to her was far more important than the keys.  The keys could be replaced but not the lanyard.  This is when the PagerTag would have came in very handy.

If you want to be able to keep track of your important items then you will want to go to Beets Blu’s PagerTag website page and order yours today.  They are also available on Amazon.

Please stop by their Social Media to learn more about Beets Blu PagerTag.

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