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Talcum Powder – Cancer Scare Lawsuit!

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Women all across America are taking part in a class action rebate targeting the massive company Johnson & Johnson. Claims have been made that suggest using the companies leading product – Talcum Powder, can lead to a much higher risk of ovarian cancer.

The lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, accuse the company of finding this link way back in 1982 when a group of researchers went to them with their findings. This research showed that women using talcum powder had a much higher chance of developing cancerous cells. In 1994 the Cancer Prevention Coalition actually asked Johnson and Johnson to stop making the product and to recall all products.

Members of the class-action lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson say that even after the company saw this research, they never revealed it to the public or placed warnings on their products. They actually promote that women use these products to treat ailments in these high-risk areas of the body.

Only ten years ago, an older woman waged her own war against the company. Her lawsuit against them was based on the fact that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using the product every single day for 25+ years.

One of her strongest arguments came from here doctor, who stood up in court to show his findings of small residues of talc in her ovarian samples. There is no bodily function that should lead to talc being found inside this woman’s ovaries, the only logical answer was that using talcum powder, had led to Talc lodging itself in her ovaries.

It took until 2013, but in the end, the court ruled in favor of the elderly woman, they found that Johnson and Johnson, did not warn the woman about her increased cancer risk from using their products.

Why Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

Scientists believe that when a woman applies talcum powder near to her genitals, small particles will enter her reproductive tract and make their way up to the ovaries.

The body does not produce talc itself, so it has no natural way to remove it. This means that the talc may stay in the ovarian tissue, irritating and inflaming the area. Inflammation has a proven link with a high risk of cancer.

Studies Linking Ovarian Cancer to Talcum Powder

Just in the last 20 years, there have been nearly 25 studies conducted on Johnson & Johnson’s powder. In almost every case, the findings concluded that if you are a woman and you use talcum powder daily, you are at a much higher risk of getting cancer.

The first study cited that corroborated these findings was all the way back in 1971, in a study by W.J Henderson and C.A.F Joslin.

Can I Participate in the Class Action?

This class action is happening in California, this means that it may only cover you if you are a resident of California.

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Lawyers usually only charge if they think they can win the case – when you win the case, they will normally take their fees out of your winnings.



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