My ClearCorrect Journey Is Over and I’ve Never Been Happier! #ad #ICanSmileAgain

Aligner 14 Continued…

In my last post, I had just started week one with aligner 14. I was instructed by my dentist to wear this set of aligners for a total of 3 weeks and I followed the instructions exactly. As mentioned before in my previous post, the plastic seemed to be thicker than the other aligners but maybe it was in my head. Although aligner 14 was tough, I knew that I was almost done with my treatment, so I was extremely pumped. I maintained wearing the 14th set for 3 weeks and continued the same processes I did with the others. I’d wear them for 22 hours a day and removed them when I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also cleaned them with warm water and a toothbrush every day. Nothing about my daily process changed.

Week 3 – Aligner 14

I wore these aligners for a total of 3 weeks and it seemed like such a long time. I found myself counting down the days until I would be completely done. I was excited because my teeth looked so great and were extremely straight. I was starting to smile more often, and people noticed my smile. My progress was so great to others that they actually took the initiative to have a consultation done to improve their smile which was awesome. I of course recommended ClearCorrect! At the end of week 3, I had a meeting scheduled with my dentist to get the attachments removed. I was almost done! 

 Below is a picture with and without aligner 14.

Removing the Attachments

The removal process of the attachments took about 5 minutes. The dentist softly opened my mouth and drilled away the small pieces on 4 of my teeth. After the attachments were removed, I immediately rolled my tongue over my teeth as it was refreshing feeling my improved teeth without attachments. I was tremendously excited! After, my dentist asked if I wanted to do a little tooth shaping to even out some grooves that I have always wanted to get rid of. I definitely went for it and with a little light drilling, my grooves disappeared, and my smile was much cleaner. This was the perfect final touch to my ClearCorrect journey.

Before – grooves on teeth

After – grooves removed from teeth

Case Closed!

Since I have completed my case, I have been wearing my retainer just as my dentist recommended. I was made aware that I would need to wear the retainer for a few years to ensure that my teeth did not shift. I have maintained the dedication that I had during my actual treatment to retain my perfect smile.

Wearing the aligners required me to take constant care of my teeth. I find myself still brushing multiple times a day and flossing as well. Maintaining great oral hygiene and flossing daily has become a natural habit now! 

 I would definitely recommend ClearCorrect to anyone thinking of getting braces. The aligners took time to get adjusted to but were easy to work with after some time. The results were phenomenal and the company was very professional and helpful as they had to work on my special case with my dentist. I am so glad that I was able to achieve my gorgeous smile by using ClearCorrect.

Before – Start date 11/2016
 After – End date 8-2017
Well, I’ve never been so proud of my teeth as I am now. ClearCorrect really corrected my teeth and I am so glad the Night Helper Blog and ClearCorrect allowed me this opportunity to be able to SMILE! The whole process was remarkable and if you too are seeking to have your teeth properly aligned, ClearCorrect should be your first choice.
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Disclosure: This is a guest post on behalf of Mrs. Alissa Francis whose treatment is  sponsored by  ClearCorrect. All opinions expressed in this post is that of Mrs. Francis. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.


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