Sightseeing & tours of NYC: How to Take the Best Photos

Sightseeing & tours of NYC: How to Take the Best Photos

Millions of visitors from around the world flock to NYC each year. While there’s fun in attending world-famous theater performances and visiting all the great museums, sometimes the most fun is taking great photos around the city! New York City is basically an Instagram wonderland with tons of great opportunities to take spectacular photos of the best art or cityscapes. Here’s a guide to taking the best photos In NYC!

Skip The Empire State Building and head to the Top of the Rock.

While it makes sense that the best photos of the city from above would be from the tallest building, the Empire State Building actually doesn’t offer the best views. For photographic purposes, Top of the Rock, a viewing center at the top of Rockefeller Plaza, is actually the best place to snap photos of the Big Apple. From the Top of the Rock, you can get the perfect picture of the NYC skyline complete with the Empire State Building!

Take a bus tour of the city for unobstructive snapshots!

While a bus tour might not be top of your list of things to do in the Big Apple, they actually are the best way to take photos of the top sights without waiting in lines. If you try to navigate things like Central Park, Wall Street, and more on your own, you’ll have to wade through groups of tourists and other crowds. This can be frustrating and leave you with bad photos! From a bus, you are raised above the crowds! The best sightseeing & tours also means the best pictures!

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge!

The Brooklyn Bridge is probably the most iconic bridge in the world, featured in movies and TV more than any other bridge. The best way to experience the bridge is by walking across it. It’s not as far as you might think, and the walk is a great way to capture the sunset or the sunrise over the city with the bridge as a backdrop! Your Instagram feed will never look better!

Speaking of walking, take the High Line.

The High Line is a raised pathway connecting different parts of Manhattan. The High Line is mainly used by locals getting to and from work, so it’s never too crowded. Avoid rush hour for unobstructed views of the dense NYC streets from above. There’s also some breathtaking landscaping on the High Line which makes for great photos of a unique, less seen side of the city.

Travel outside of Manhattan for unique photos.

Most popular photos of NYC feature the sights and views of Manhattan, the most well-known part of the Big Apple. There are several other boroughs and neighborhoods, however, that offer a ton of photo opportunities. Brooklyn has become a popular photo spot in recent years, but you can also venture around the Bronx, Staten Island and Astoria for unique photo spots. Check local hashtags on Instagram for unique photo ideas.

Head for the Exchange Place Waterfront in New Jersey.

Sometimes, the best views of the city aren’t even from in the city. The Exchange Place Waterfront in Jersey City, New Jersey is known as a continuation of Wall Street since it’s a major financial hub not unlike the famous street in Manhattan. The Exchange Place Waterfront is a waterfront walkway overlooking the NYC harbor with spectacular views of the Big Apple! The best time to visit is at night for perfect sights of the city lit up!

Taking unforgettable photos of NYC!

When it comes to taking the best photos of the Big Apple, you need to be willing to think outside the box. The best photos can be found in unexpected places, like on the top of a sightseeing bus or across the Hudson. These spots are sure to dazzle even inexperienced photographers!

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  1. I’ve never been to the East Coast, but I’ve always wanted to! NYC is actually on my bucket list. There seems to be so many amazing sights to see in the Big Apple!


  2. These really are GREAT tips. I’ve been to NY tons of times but never really got any WOW photos. I’ll try these tips next time.


  3. These are great tips to get the best photos in NYC. We went to NYC a couple of times, it’s a 5 hour drive or a 54 minute flight. I prefer the drive, I will use these tips when we road trip to NYC again!


  4. Great tips, we are hoping to get a family trip to NYC this summer so this is perfect timing to help with my planning.


  5. These are great tips! There is so much to see and photograph in NYC. My favorite place to take pictures was Times Square 🙂


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