Take your kids on a trip to LA in these 6 adventurous locations

Traveling is one of the most engaging activities for kids. Not only it encourages curiosity about what’s around them, but it also improves creativity. So, letting your kids go on school trips when the occasion arises is the best thing you can do for them to get out of their shyness. Of course, when they’re traveling with parents, kids are more confident in taking action, so if you let them discover the surroundings, they’ll grow out to be great adults.

Family adventures are best because you’re providing a form of education. Seeing new places means new people so that they can learn more about the differences between people. They can get interested in the history of a specific site or monument and read about it. Or they can get courageous to ask for what they want to see, eat or experience themselves, allowing them to develop. 

For your next adventure together, we recommend some places in LA that are really educative and fun for kids. 


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Have a tour of the Wildlife Learning Centre

Located in San Fernando Valley, the Wildlife Learning Center has over 100 displaced or rescued wild animals who found a home at the WLC. The facility was founded to help people learn more about wildlife and why conservation and life sciences are important. Plenty of fascinating animals will spur your kids’ interest, from ring-tailed lemurs, bald eagles and the green tree python. Each animal has a story, and we bet you won’t be able to take your kids from the facility too soon.

You can go freely during the week between ten AM and five PM or schedule a private tour on weekends. If you’re interested in a safe parking place, you can look for LAX parking around the area to leave your car, as the traffic in LA can be quite challenging.

Skate at the Moonlight Rollerway

The Southern Californian entertainment space at the Moonlight Rollerway is one of the oldest in the area, founded in the 50s. It was home to family fun since the beginning, which is why it has so many events and parties for many people to participate in. If you’re from around, the place also holds various classes, so if your kid wants to learn how to skate, this is the place for them to learn. Then, they can practice their skills with you at a themed party.

The program varies daily, so you should check their website for upcoming events, ticket prices and admission rules. Look for Parkos parking lots around the area to leave your vehicle while you attend a late-night party with your family.

Have some fun at Shane’s Inspiration

Shane’s Inspiration is one of the first universally accessible playgrounds in the US. The Crystal Springs playground is also the most prominent American and has gigantic facilities for kids. Try the Lucky Star Chaser spaceship that allows the kids to control an airplane or make their pirate dream come true at the Adventure Ship, where they can play on rubberized surfaces and swing between the monkey bars and zip lines.

Shane’s Inspiration is the best place for all 17% of American kids with disabilities. It mitigates a bias-free world for every child by investing in inclusion. The organization has already implemented 75 playgrounds around the states, changing the lives of about 50.000 kids.

Admire the marine life at the Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific is around Long Beach and is an impressive aquarium with sharks, whales and sea lions as principal attractions. There are numerous exhibitions and habitats to see, such as the June Keyes Penguin habitat, the shark lagoon and the sea otter habitat. Interesting for watching jellies, Southern Californian Steelhead and a Lorikeet Forest will surely be the cherry on top of your adventure together.

The ticket for an adult is $44.95, and kids can get admitted for half the price. There are also special prices and tickets for cruises, so if you want to do some whale and dolphin watches, you pay $75.95 as an adult and $59.95 for children.

Book a ticket at the California Science Center

The California Science Center is among the most reputable places to take your kids. It provides two longstanding facilities founded in 1998 and has many impressive exhibitions, such as the Endeavour ship. Other exciting things to see are included in the World of Life, Creative World and the SKETCH Foundation Gallery areas, allowing your kids to explore life sciences and human innovation through the years.

Most galleries and exhibitions are free to visit, but some special events, such as the IMAX Theater, require purchasing tickets. For example, for the current production of the Maya civilization, you pay $21.95 for yourself and $14.95 for your kid.

Explore the universe at the Griffith Observatory

If your kid like watching out for the stars and is curious about what is beyond the sky, take them to the Griffith Observatory, where daily programs and special events are organized for families. The center is right in Los Angeles, so you can’t miss it since the building is in a beautiful location. The usual program is between 12 PM to 10 PM. Here, you can visit the Samuel Oschin Planetarium to reach the universe and learn more about the cosmos, or visit one of the many exhibits that approach the concepts of the Sun, Moon, Earth and space.

While you’re there, make sure to have a walk through the wilderness from Griffith Park, which has hiking trails, zoos and museums on the way. However, you can also try sports like horseback riding, tennis and swimming.

What’s your next destination?

LA has many beautiful places to visit, but the city is like a never-ending saga when it comes to family trips and kids ready to see the world. It’s got plenty of educational and fun places, so make sure you take your kid somewhere enjoyable so they can continue the learning process even after school.



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