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Take Advantage of Special on the Nutrisystem Plan Savings.

If you are looking to find a plan that can promote good health and stamina, Nutrisystem may meet those needs.  Special savings are available to help you take that first step towards a better, healthier life.  Check to find some interesting and promotional options to save you money.  One of their offers includes a 40% discount plus an extra $50 savings for your first Nutrisystem order.  Other offers include 50% savings, 40% off plus a free week of foods and more. has currently an offer  that drops the price to $179.99 for women (from $269.99) and $209.99 for men (from $299.99). All offers are currently available with various expiration dates, so take advantage of the savings and lose the weight at the same time for a bonus combination.

Suki of California Discusses her Feelings about the Program

Suki from California discusses her feelings regarding the Nutrisystem program; pros being that it is easy to follow, works effectively, foods do not need to be frozen (most often) or refrigerated, they are easy to prepare and can reverse diabetes. If you love to cook, this can be a disadvantage of the plan.

Suki states that anyone who lives alone or hates to cook will love the ease of preparation with the Nutrisystem meals.  Most are either set in boiling water or the microwave. It is the prepackaged meals that taught her what a reasonable size portion of food should be, and they are all healthy choices. 

This gal states that it was frozen meals, fast food and late night snacks that led her to her pre-diet weight.  On Nutrisystem, you can join either a 20-day or a 28-day plan.  The program teaches you how to eat even you are on a maintenance plan away from the program. 

With her 20-day plan, Suki lost 30 pounds. As a single person, she finds that the plan saved her money on groceries. A great opportunity to use those savings is by joining a fitness plan for added success.  Her advice once you reach your goal is to shop for fresh market foods and those of “free range” that have more nutrients, enzymes and anti-oxidants for a healthier way of eating along with monitoring your portions.  You can read more stories like Suki’s at

4 Decades of Experience

Nutrisystem is a highly-popular weight loss plan that has been around for more than 35 years.  The headquarters was first based out of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania until it went strictly based online in 1999.  Anyone of any age can benefit from the program since they offer various plans to meet all needs, such as:

* The Basic Plan that works for the young and middle aged adults of all ages with basic weight loss needs.

* The Family Plan is varied to benefit the diet needs of the entire household at a greater savings for all.

* The Silver Plan is designed to meet the needs of the more mature, senior-aged adults.

* Diabetics with Type II diabetes and the pre-diabetics can benefit from the Diabetes Plan in order to monitor and keep the blood sugar levels under control.

* The Vegetarian Plan engages in promoting meatless foods and menus for those that prefer this type of plan.


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