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Heads Up: 3 Signs of PTSD You Should Watch Out For

What’s horrible about tragic life events is that you’re left with scars that are so difficult to heal. In fact, it sometimes takes years to move forward emotionally from a violent natural disaster or a car accident. There are even instances when sadness strikes you in the most random circumstances, or just when you think you have gotten over the tragedy already.     However hopeless this picture is, though, it’s actually normal. What’s beyond normal is when the emotional strain gets worse as the days, weeks, and months roll in. In this case, you may be suffering from a condition called PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Nope, this problem isn’t just for military veterans — anyone who has experienced a tragic event in their life is vulnerable to it.     Here are some of the signs of PTSD:


A person who suffers PTSD often has recurrent, intrusive memories of the tragic event. There are lots of potential triggers, from certain smells and sights to disturbing sounds. For instance, whirring noise from a vehicle engine or the blue-red light from a cop’s car can bring up mental pictures of the car accident you went through. These triggers are embedded in the deep part of your brain, so it will be hard to ‘avoid’ them.

Another symptom related to flashbacks are upsetting dreams. You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, sweaty and shaking from a nightmare that relives the traumatic event. This is how distressing PTSD is, and that’s why lawyers in Salt Lake City and other locations strive to secure just compensation for victims. Going through a painful life event becomes all the more agonizing when you feel like you were robbed of your rights. A car accident injury attorney can help you get what you deserve.


Another notable sign of PTSD is avoiding thinking about the tragic event. It’s hard for patients to talk about their experience even long after the incident because it will take them back to that vivid memory. Another form of avoidance among sufferers is steering clear from reminders of the tragedy. For instance, someone who got into a car accident may stop driving or going out of the house because they will see vehicles on the road.

That said, PTSD, in this context, affects not just one’s health, but one’s career and relationships as well. In the legal perspective, this can be used to build up the case further for the compensation claim. Aside from the concept ‘loss of income’ or the wages or benefits you lost due to the injury, attorneys will also establish the legal principles ‘loss of earning capacity’ and ‘loss of enjoyment of life’, as well as reduced ability to make money or find pleasure in anything because of your health condition.


You’re always on the lookout. You’re super-conscious of your surroundings. You’re always on the offense because you think you’re always under attack. So in restaurants, you’d prefer to sit with your back against the walls, seeing everything right in front of you. Otherwise, you’re always jittery, getting startled or frightened.

This hypervigilance causes sleep problems. It’s hard for you to fall asleep because your mind is wandering to a million possibilities. At the same time, it’s difficult to stay asleep because the tiniest sounds or flashes of light wake you up.

Accidents and other tragic events can bring out the worst in your physical and mental health. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately. Talk to your lawyer as well to get the compensation you need.



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