Surprise your Child with I SEE ME Books Review

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When my oldest was a small toddler, my parents bought him a book that was personalized with his name in the story.  He loved that his name was in there and as he got older he recognized his name in the book.

Then recently I was introduced to I SEE ME Books that are personalized with the name of your child/grandchild and their picture!  When the books arrived I was more than impressed.  The books are sturdy and nicely illustrated.


Emma is 4 1/2 years old, so when I showed her the one I had made for her she was SO Happy as it had her name on the front.  When she sees words that start with E, she will say that is a letter in her name.  But this time she said, “Grandma Wilwiss, that is my letter E, M, M and A, my whole name.  Emma thought it was so neat that if her name wasn’t on a page that her first initial was.  The book she is holding is one of many choices they offer.

Their most popular personalized books are:

They also have board books for baby’s enjoyment.

Recently becoming a grandma for the second time, I was so excited to get a book for Zakary also.  He just turned 3 months old last week, so I was so happy that he would have one also when he gets older.

The other thing I really love is that you can pick a picture to go inside on the 2nd page.  With digital cameras, and other social media areas where your latest pictures are accessible.

I SEE ME -Hello World

If you go over to I SEE ME, I am sure you will find some great books for your children, or any child in your life.  They are quality books that can prove to be a keepsake for years to come.  I am sure if you give one of these as a gift, it will be a hit.

They also offer birthday reminders, gift certificates and their emailing list.





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  • Books are the best thought for all kids and this sort of books are give thought and learning of the letters in order and Kids love to see their own particular names and pictures as a segment of a fun story. Tweaked books are a recognition as well, that will be gotten a kick out of for sooner or later.

  • Wow. This is really something that people should consider because children always need something to learn. So involving them in child books, you can make them good learner.

  • I am sure you will find some great books for your children, or any child in your life. They are quality books that can prove to be a keepsake for years to come.

  • Books are the greatest idea for all children and this type of books are provide thought and knowledge of the alphabet and Kids love to see their own names and pictures as a component of a fun story. Customized books are a remembrance too, that will be delighted in for at some point.

  • children are so savvy, my son shocks me ordinary!. Hes is 3 yrs old, and i am as of now pregnant, so some of the time he’ll hear me grumble about some hurt, and he’ll resemble ” Dont stress mother, its alright” independent from anyone else!, i get somewhat cut or rub, hes on band help obligation, he knows hes expected to clean it and put a band help on! also, every time somebody says they’re wiped out, he needs to take them to the specialist! a he resemble the little protector of each child that he knows, and pooches as well, he doesn’t like nobody shouting at them, he will safeguard them with an energy!

  • I love your book ideas.

  • They have the cutest book and gift ideas.


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