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Sleep Deprivation Can Have a Negative Impact On Many Areas in One’s Life

A lack of quality rest can induce a not-quite-there-feeling that can make accomplishing important daily tasks exceedingly difficult. Additionally, failure to achieve a good night’s sleep on a regular basis can have even more serious effects, including inhibiting brain function and ruining personal relationships. The following infographic shows just how many areas can be affected by lack of sleep, including the negative physical consequences of fatigue.


For your brain to operate at peak capacity, getting the requisite amount of rest is crucial. Processing of complex emotions requires a well-functioning prefrontal cortex, which in turn keeps the amygdala, the seat of primitive emotions like fear and stress, under control. When these functions are compromised by lack of sleep, human beings can react irrationally to normal daily occurrences.


Remaining alert is another important factor to facing each day with aplomb, and maintaining this feeling requires removing adenosine from one’s system. A build-up of this compound leads to that familiar drowsy feeling, which can greatly reduce your ability to function properly throughout the day.


In addition to these physical affects, not getting enough sleep can also impact your mood. Mental wellness and sleep are closely linked, with 65% of those getting seven hours sleep or more a night claiming the best mental health. Conversely, those regularly getting less sleep report diminished mental wellness, which can result in depressive episodes. The right amount of sleep can also be essential for concentration, especially where work is concerned. Being sleep deprived reduces the ability to focus while also increasing anxiety, thereby rendering complex work matters that much more difficult.


While getting enough sleep can prove difficult for those with exceedingly busy schedules and mounting responsibilities, doing so is a vital component of leading a healthy and happy life. To this end, eating right, exercising, and setting a reasonable sleep schedule can all factor into getting the most out of day to day living, whether that involves work, play, or a mixture of both.




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